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  • B01D2252/00
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B01D2252/10Inorganic absorbents B01D2252/102Ammonia B01D2252/103Water B01D2252/1035Sea water B01D2252/20Organic absorbents B01D2252/202Alcohols or their derivatives B01D2252/2021Methanol B01D2252/2023Glycols, diols or their derivatives B01D2252/2025Ethers or esters of alkylene glycols B01D2252/2026Polyethylene glycol, ethers or esters thereof B01D2252/2028Polypropylene glycol, ethers or esters thereof B01D2252/204Amines B01D2252/20405Monoamines B01D2252/2041Diamines B01D2252/20415Tri- or polyamines B01D2252/20421Primary amines B01D2252/20426Secondary amines B01D2252/20431Tertiary amines B01D2252/20436Cyclic amines B01D2252/20442containing a piperidine-ring B01D2252/20447containing a piperazine-ring B01D2252/20452containing a morpholine-ring B01D2252/20457containing a pyridine-ring B01D2252/20463containing a pyrimidine-ring B01D2252/20468containing a pyrrolidone-ring B01D2252/20473containing an imidazole-ring B01D2252/20478Alkanolamines B01D2252/20484with one hydroxyl group B01D2252/20489with two or more hydroxyl groups B01D2252/20494Amino acids, their salts or derivatives B01D2252/205Other organic compounds not covered by B01D2252/00 - B01D2252/20494 B01D2252/2053Other nitrogen compounds B01D2252/2056Sulfur compounds B01D2252/30Ionic liquids and zwitter-ions B01D2252/40Absorbents explicitly excluding the presence of water B01D2252/50Combinations of absorbents B01D2252/502having two or more functionalities in the same molecule other than alkanolamine B01D2252/504Mixtures of two or more absorbents B01D2252/60Additives B01D2252/602Activators, promoting agents, catalytic agents or enzymes B01D2252/604Stabilisers or agents inhibiting degradation B01D2252/606Anticorrosion agents B01D2252/608Antifoaming agents B01D2252/61Antifouling agents