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  • H01H2221/00
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Sub Industries

H01H2221/002integral with membrane H01H2221/004U-shaped openings surrounding keys H01H2221/006Adhesive H01H2221/008other then push button H01H2221/01also rotatable H01H2221/012Joy stick type H01H2221/014Slide selector H01H2221/016Lever Rocker H01H2221/018Tumbler H01H2221/02pneumatic H01H2221/022electromagnetic H01H2221/024Transmission element H01H2221/026Guiding or lubricating nylon H01H2221/028Telescopic guiding H01H2221/03Stoppers for on or off position H01H2221/032adjustable H01H2221/034Coded keys H01H2221/036Return force H01H2221/038Fluid H01H2221/04magnetic H01H2221/042Foam H01H2221/044Elastic part on actuator or casing H01H2221/046bistable H01H2221/048magnetic H01H2221/05Force concentrator Actuating dimple H01H2221/052interlocked H01H2221/054connected by flexible webs H01H2221/056Modular conception H01H2221/058to avoid tilting or skewing of contact area or actuator H01H2221/06to avoid sticking in on position H01H2221/062Damping vibrations H01H2221/064Limitation of actuating pressure H01H2221/066replaceable H01H2221/068having a not operable condition H01H2221/07transparent H01H2221/0702Transparent key containing three dimensional (3D) element H01H2221/072Stroke amplification H01H2221/074One molded piece H01H2221/076Protruding in cavity covered by membrane H01H2221/078Different operating parts on a bigger one H01H2221/08composed of different parts H01H2221/082Superimposed actuators H01H2221/084made at least partly of elastic foam H01H2221/088actuable from different directions H01H2221/09Flexible integral part of housing