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Current Industry

Sub Industries

C22C1/00Making alloys C22C11/00Alloys based on lead C22C12/00Alloys based on antimony or bismuth C22C13/00Alloys based on tin C22C14/00Alloys based on titanium C22C16/00Alloys based on zirconium C22C18/00Alloys based on zinc C22C19/00Alloys based on nickel or cobalt C22C20/00Alloys based on cadmium C22C21/00Alloys based on aluminium C22C22/00Alloys based on manganese C22C2200/00Crystalline structure C22C2202/00Physical properties C22C2204/00End product comprising different layers, coatings or parts of cermet C22C23/00Alloys based on magnesium C22C24/00Alloys based on an alkali or an alkaline earth metal C22C25/00Alloys based on beryllium C22C26/00Alloys containing diamond or cubic or wurtzitic boron nitride, fullerenes or carbon nanotubes C22C27/00Alloys based on rhenium or a refractory metal not mentioned in groups C22C14/00 or C22C16/00 C22C28/00Alloys based on a metal not provided for in groups C22C5/00 - C22C27/00 C22C29/00Alloys based on carbides, oxides, nitrides, borides, or silicides C22C3/00Removing material from alloys to produce alloys of different constitution separation of the constituents of alloys C22C30/00Alloys containing less than 50% by weight of each constituent C22C32/00Non-ferrous alloys containing at least 5% by weight but less than 50% by weight of oxides, carbides, borides, nitrides, silicides or other metal compounds C22C33/00Making ferrous alloys C22C35/00Master alloys for iron or steel C22C37/00Cast-iron alloys C22C38/00Ferrous alloys C22C43/00Alloys containing radioactive materials C22C45/00Amorphous alloys C22C47/00Making alloys containing metallic or non-metallic fibres or filaments C22C49/00Alloys containing metallic or non-metallic fibres or filaments C22C5/00Alloys based on noble metals C22C7/00Alloys based on mercury C22C9/00Alloys based on copper