Ambulance aspects of vehicles Vehicles with special provisions for transporting patients or disabled persons, or their personal conveyances


  • CPC
  • A61G3/00
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Sub Industries

A61G3/001Vehicles provided with medical equipment to perform operations or examinations A61G3/003Supplementary seats A61G3/005Foldable seats A61G3/006Means for reducing the influence of acceleration on patients A61G3/008Ventilation, sterilisation or air conditioning aspects A61G3/02Loading or unloading personal conveyances Facilitating access of patients or disabled persons to, or exit from, vehicles A61G3/0209with storage means for unused wheelchair or stretcher A61G3/0218Loading or unloading stretchers A61G3/0227by pivoting the support about a vertical axis A61G3/0236by pivoting the support about a horizontal axis A61G3/0245by translating the support A61G3/0254by moving the stretcher on a horizontal path A61G3/0263by moving the stretcher on an inclined path A61G3/0272by support protruding from the vehicle A61G3/0281by using a side-entrance A61G3/029by powered support A61G3/06Transfer using ramps, lifts or the like A61G3/061using ramps A61G3/062using lifts connected to the vehicle A61G3/063using lifts separate from the vehicle A61G3/065using an adjustable suspension lowering device for the whole vehicle A61G3/066using a lowering device for a part of the floor of the vehicle A61G3/08Accommodating or securing wheelchairs or stretchers A61G3/0808Accommodating or securing wheelchairs A61G3/0816Accommodating or securing stretchers A61G3/0825using support rack, frame A61G3/0833using other support A61G3/0841on lateral support arms A61G3/085on support, which can be brought into a different position, when not in use A61G3/0858on support for multiple stretchers A61G3/0866on height adjustable support A61G3/0875Securing stretchers A61G3/0883by preventing lateral movement A61G3/0891by preventing longitudinal movement