Apparatus for treatment of water, waste water or sewage


  • CPC
  • C02F2201/00
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Sub Industries

C02F2201/001Build in apparatus for autonomous on board water supply and wastewater treatment ( C02F2201/002Construction details of the apparatus C02F2201/003Coaxial constructions C02F2201/004Seals, connections C02F2201/005Valves C02F2201/006Cartridges C02F2201/007Modular design C02F2201/008Mobile apparatus and plants C02F2201/009Apparatus with independent power supply C02F2201/32Details relating to UV-irradiation devices C02F2201/322Lamp arrangement C02F2201/3221Lamps suspended above a water surface or pipe C02F2201/3222Units using UV-light emitting diodes [LED] C02F2201/3223Single elongated lamp located on the central axis of a turbular reactor C02F2201/3224Units using UV-light guiding optical fibers C02F2201/3225Lamps immersed in an open channel, containing the liquid to be treated C02F2201/3226Units using UV-light emitting lasers C02F2201/3227Units with two or more lamps C02F2201/3228Units having reflectors C02F2201/324Lamp cleaning installations C02F2201/326Lamp control systems C02F2201/328Having flow diverters (baffles) C02F2201/46Apparatus for electrochemical processes C02F2201/461Electrolysis apparatus C02F2201/46105Details relating to the electrolytic devices C02F2201/4611Fluid flow C02F2201/46115Electrolytic cell with membranes or diaphragms C02F2201/4612Controlling or monitoring C02F2201/46125Electrical variables C02F2201/4613Inversing polarity C02F2201/46135Voltage C02F2201/4614Current C02F2201/46145Fluid flow C02F2201/4615Time C02F2201/46155Heating or cooling C02F2201/4616Power supply C02F2201/46165Special power supply C02F2201/4617DC only C02F2201/46175Electrical pulses C02F2201/4618Supplying or removing reactants or electrolyte C02F2201/46185Recycling the cathodic or anodic feed C02F2201/4619Supplying gas to the electrolyte C02F2201/46195Cells containing solid electrolyte C02F2201/48Devices for applying magnetic or electric fields C02F2201/483using coils C02F2201/486using antenna C02F2201/78Details relating to ozone treatment devices C02F2201/782Ozone generators C02F2201/784Diffusers or nozzles for ozonation