Apparatus in general for separation processes using semi-permeable membranes


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  • B01D63/00
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Sub Industries

B01D63/005Microfluidic devices comprising semi-permeable hollow fibre membranes B01D63/02Hollow fibre modules B01D63/021Manufacturing thereof B01D63/022Encapsulating hollow fibres B01D63/023Materials therefor B01D63/024with a single potted end or U-shaped B01D63/025Bobbin units B01D63/026Wafer type modules or flat-surface type modules B01D63/027Twinned or braided type modules B01D63/028Microfluidic devices comprising semi-permeable hollow fibre membranes B01D63/029Microfluidic devices comprising semi-permeable hollow fibre membranes B01D63/04comprising multiple hollow fibre assemblies B01D63/043with separate tube sheets B01D63/046in separate housings B01D63/06Tubular membrane modules B01D63/061Manufacturing thereof B01D63/062with membranes on a surface of a support tube B01D63/063on the inner surface thereof B01D63/065on the outer surface thereof B01D63/066with a porous block having membrane coated passages B01D63/067with pleated membranes B01D63/068with flexible membrane tubes B01D63/08Flat membrane modules B01D63/081Manufacturing thereof B01D63/082comprising a stack of flat membranes B01D63/084at least one flow duct intersecting the membranes B01D63/085specially adapted for two fluids in mass exchange flow B01D63/087Single membrane modules B01D63/088Microfluidic devices comprising semi-permeable flat membranes B01D63/10Spiral-wound membrane modules B01D63/103Details relating to membrane envelopes B01D63/106Anti-Telescopic-Devices [ATD] B01D63/12comprising multiple spiral-wound assemblies B01D63/14Pleat-type membrane modules B01D63/16Rotary, reciprocated or vibrated modules