Apparatus or tools adapted for mounting, removing, repairing or inspecting pneumatic or solid tyres


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  • B60C25/00
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Sub Industries

B60C25/002Inspecting tyres B60C25/005inside surface B60C25/007outside surface B60C25/01for manually removing tyres from or mounting tyres on wheels B60C25/015for only breaking the beads B60C25/02Tyre levers or the like B60C25/025with a jack B60C25/04pivotal about the wheel axis, or movable along the rim edge B60C25/05Machines, i.e. motorized devices B60C25/0503for mounting only B60C25/0506for demounting only B60C25/0509for inserting additional parts B60C25/0512Integrated systems performing multiple operations B60C25/0515Automated devices B60C25/0518Horizontal wheel axis in working position B60C25/0521Handling of rim or tyre B60C25/0524Separating tyres from rims B60C25/0527Adapting to different wheel diameters B60C25/053Support of wheel parts during machine operation B60C25/0533Fixing the tyre only B60C25/0536axially fixing the rim B60C25/0539radially fixing the rim B60C25/0542with self-centering means B60C25/0545with rotary motion of tool or tyre support B60C25/0548equipped with sensing means B60C25/0551mechanical B60C25/0554optical B60C25/0557thermal B60C25/056measuring speed, acceleration or forces B60C25/0563Tools interacting with the tyre and moved in relation to the tyre during operation B60C25/0566rolling only B60C25/0569gliding only B60C25/0572pressing only B60C25/0575levering only B60C25/0578hooking only B60C25/0581Translational tool trajectory only B60C25/0584Predetermined tool path B60C25/0587Programmed tool path B60C25/059Conjoint tool operations B60C25/0593Multi-functional tools for performing at least two operations B60C25/0596Soaping devices B60C25/12for only seating the beads B60C25/122acting on the tyre tread B60C25/125for only breaking the beads B60C25/128acting axially on the whole circumference of the bead or sidewall B60C25/13acting axially on a part of the bead or sidewall only at localised regions of the bead or side wall B60C25/132for removing and mounting tyres B60C25/135having a tyre support or a tool, movable along wheel axis B60C25/138with rotary motion of tool or tyre support B60C25/14Apparatus or tools for spreading or locating tyre beads B60C25/142Devices for tightening or expanding the felly, devices for spreading the tyres B60C25/145for locating provisionally the beads of tubeless tyres against the sealing surfaces of the rims B60C25/147Safety cages for inflation B60C25/15with means for inverting the tyre B60C25/16Tools for repairing damaged tyres B60C25/18Tools for mounting or demounting air valves B60C25/185Automated devices B60C25/20Tools for attaching metallic tyres