Arrangements for broadcast or for distribution combined with broadcast


  • CPC
  • H04H20/00
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Sub Industries

H04H20/02Arrangements for relaying broadcast information H04H20/04from field pickup units [FPU] H04H20/06among broadcast stations H04H20/08among terminal devices H04H20/10Arrangements for replacing or switching information during the broadcast or the distribution H04H20/103Transmitter-side switching H04H20/106Receiver-side switching H04H20/12Arrangements for observation, testing or troubleshooting H04H20/14for monitoring programmes H04H20/16Arrangements for broadcast or for distribution of identical information repeatedly H04H20/18Arrangements for synchronising broadcast or distribution via plural systems H04H20/20Arrangements for broadcast or distribution of identical information via plural systems H04H20/22Arrangements for broadcast of identical information via plural broadcast systems H04H20/24Arrangements for distribution of identical information via broadcast system and non-broadcast system H04H20/26Arrangements for switching distribution systems H04H20/28Arrangements for simultaneous broadcast of plural pieces of information H04H20/30by a single channel H04H20/31using in-band signals H04H20/33by plural channels H04H20/34using an out-of-band subcarrier signal H04H20/36for AM broadcasts H04H20/38Arrangements for distribution where lower stations H04H20/40Arrangements for broadcast specially adapted for accumulation-type receivers H04H20/42Arrangements for resource management H04H20/423Transmitter side H04H20/426Receiver side H04H20/44Arrangements characterised by circuits or components specially adapted for broadcast H04H20/46specially adapted for broadcast systems covered by groups H04H20/53-H04H20/95 H04H20/47specially adapted for stereophonic broadcast systems H04H20/48for FM stereophonic broadcast systems H04H20/49for AM stereophonic broadcast systems H04H20/51specially adapted for satellite broadcast systems H04H20/53Arrangements specially adapted for specific applications H04H20/55for traffic information H04H20/57for mobile receivers H04H20/59for emergency or urgency H04H20/61for local area broadcast H04H20/62for transportation systems H04H20/63to plural spots in a confined site H04H20/65Arrangements characterised by transmission systems for broadcast H04H20/67Common-wave systems H04H20/69Optical systems H04H20/71Wireless systems H04H20/72of terrestrial networks H04H20/74of satellite networks H04H20/76Wired systems H04H20/77using carrier waves H04H20/78CATV [Community Antenna Television] systems H04H20/79using downlink of the CATV systems H04H20/80having frequencies in two or more frequency bands H04H20/81combined with telephone network over which the broadcast is continuously available H04H20/82using signals not modulated onto a carrier H04H20/83not sharing the network with any other service H04H20/84combined with power distribution network H04H20/86Arrangements characterised by the broadcast information itself H04H20/88Stereophonic broadcast systems H04H20/89using three or more audio channels H04H20/91broadcasting computer programmes H04H20/93which locates resources of other pieces of information H04H20/95characterised by a specific format