Arrangements for changing or varying the orientation or the shape of the directional pattern of the waves radiated from an aerial or aerial system


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  • H01Q3/00
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Sub Industries

H01Q3/005using remotely controlled aerial positioning or scanning H01Q3/01varying the shape of the aerial or aerial system H01Q3/02using mechanical movement of aerial or aerial system as a whole H01Q3/04for varying one co-ordinate of the orientation H01Q3/06over a restricted angle H01Q3/08for varying two co-ordinates of the orientation H01Q3/10to produce a conical or spiral scan H01Q3/12using mechanical relative movement between primary active elements and secondary devices of aerials or aerial systems H01Q3/14for varying the relative position of primary active element and a refracting or diffracting device H01Q3/16for varying relative position of primary active element and a reflecting device H01Q3/18wherein the primary active element is movable and the reflecting device is fixed H01Q3/20wherein the primary active element is fixed and the reflecting device is movable H01Q3/22varying the orientation in accordance with variation of frequency of radiated wave H01Q3/24varying the orientation by switching energy from one active radiating element to another H01Q3/242Circumferential scanning H01Q3/245in the focal plane of a focussing device H01Q3/247by switching different parts of a primary active element H01Q3/26varying the relative phase or relative amplitude of energisation between two or more active radiating elements varying the distribution of energy across a radiating aperture H01Q3/2605Array of radiating elements provided with a feedback control over the element weights H01Q3/2611Means for null steering; Adaptive interference nulling H01Q3/2617Array of identical elements H01Q3/2623composed of two antennas H01Q3/2629Combination of a main antenna unit with an auxiliary antenna unit H01Q3/2635the auxiliary unit being composed of a plurality of antennas H01Q3/2641being secundary elements H01Q3/2647Retrodirective arrays H01Q3/2652Self-phasing arrays H01Q3/2658Phased-array fed focussing structure H01Q3/2664electrically moving the phase centre of a radiating element in the focal plane of a focussing device H01Q3/267Phased-array testing or checking devices H01Q3/2676Optically controlled phased array H01Q3/2682Time delay steered arrays H01Q3/2688using acoustic or magnetostatic wave devices H01Q3/2694using also variable phase-shifters H01Q3/28varying the amplitude H01Q3/30varying the relative phase between the radiating elements of an array H01Q3/32by mechanical means H01Q3/34by electrical means H01Q3/36with variable phase-shifters H01Q3/38the phase-shifters being digital H01Q3/385Scan control logics H01Q3/40with phasing matrix H01Q3/42using frequency-mixing H01Q3/44varying the electric or magnetic characteristics of reflecting, refracting, or diffracting devices associated with the radiating element H01Q3/443varying the phase velocity along a leaky transmission line H01Q3/446the radiating element being at the centre of one or more rings of auxiliary elements H01Q3/46Active lenses or reflecting arrays