Arrangements or adaptations of lighting devices for vehicle interior


  • CPC
  • B60Q3/00
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Sub Industries

B60Q3/001manually adjustable B60Q3/002using light guides B60Q3/004inside a single lighting device B60Q3/005to distribute light between several lighting devices B60Q3/007with means for electrical plugging into vehicle B60Q3/008using UV light B60Q3/02for lighting passenger or driving compartment B60Q3/0203Details of mounting onto vehicle interior B60Q3/0206Modular mounting systems B60Q3/0209mounted onto or for lighting specific vehicle fittings B60Q3/0213on or for sun roofs, or windows B60Q3/0216on or for doors or steps B60Q3/022on or for small compartments B60Q3/0223on or for seats, arm rests or head rests B60Q3/0226on or for sun visors B60Q3/023on or for rear view mirrors B60Q3/0233on or for door handles or hand grabs B60Q3/0236on or for smoking related tools B60Q3/024on or for steering wheel or gear shift B60Q3/0243others B60Q3/0246for mass transit vehicles B60Q3/025Overall lighting B60Q3/0253Specific lighting B60Q3/0256Emergency lighting B60Q3/0259Circuits or control therefore B60Q3/0263Mounted on a shaft B60Q3/0266Retractable, concealable lamps B60Q3/0269with provision for being portable B60Q3/0273Specifically arranged for convertibles B60Q3/0276additional interior lighting specifically arranged to prevent conductor dazzling B60Q3/0279overall lighting alone or in combination with specific lighting B60Q3/0283using lighting panels or mats B60Q3/0286Specific lighting B60Q3/0289Strip lighting, edge marking B60Q3/0293circuits or control for interior lights B60Q3/0296Switches specifically designed for interior lights B60Q3/04for dashboard B60Q3/042lighting onto the surface to be illuminated B60Q3/044lighting through the surface to be illuminated B60Q3/046Circuits or control therefore B60Q3/048for varying the light intensity B60Q3/06for lighting compartments other than passenger or driving space B60Q3/065with provision for being portable