Aspects relating to filtering material for liquid or gaseous fluids


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  • B01D2239/00
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Sub Industries

B01D2239/02Types of fibres, filaments or particles, self-supporting or supported materials B01D2239/0208Single-component fibres B01D2239/0216Bicomponent or multicomponent fibres B01D2239/0225Side-by-side B01D2239/0233Island-in-sea B01D2239/0241comprising electrically conductive fibres or particles B01D2239/025comprising nanofibres B01D2239/0258comprising nanoparticles B01D2239/0266comprising biodegradable or bio-soluble polymers B01D2239/0275comprising biologically produced plastics B01D2239/0283comprising filter materials made from waste or recycled materials B01D2239/0291comprising swelling polymers B01D2239/04Additives and treatments of the filtering material B01D2239/0407comprising particulate additives B01D2239/0414Surface modifiers B01D2239/0421Rendering the filter material hydrophilic B01D2239/0428Rendering the filter material hydrophobic B01D2239/0435Electret B01D2239/0442Antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal additives B01D2239/045Deodorising additives B01D2239/0457Specific fire retardant or heat resistant properties B01D2239/0464Impregnants B01D2239/0471Surface coating material B01D2239/0478on a layer of the filter B01D2239/0485on particles B01D2239/0492on fibres B01D2239/06Filter cloth B01D2239/0604Arrangement of the fibres in the filtering material B01D2239/0609Knitted B01D2239/0613Woven B01D2239/0618Non-woven B01D2239/0622Melt-blown B01D2239/0627Spun-bonded B01D2239/0631Electro-spun B01D2239/0636Two or more types of fibres present in the filter material B01D2239/064The fibres being mixed B01D2239/0645Arrangement of the particles in the filtering material B01D2239/065More than one layer present in the filtering material B01D2239/0654Support layers B01D2239/0659The layers being joined by needling B01D2239/0663The layers being joined by hydro-entangling B01D2239/0668The layers being joined by heat or melt-bonding B01D2239/0672The layers being joined by welding B01D2239/0677by spot-welding B01D2239/0681The layers being joined by gluing B01D2239/0686by spot-gluing B01D2239/069Special geometry of layers B01D2239/0695Wound layers B01D2239/08Special characteristics of binders B01D2239/083Binders between layers of the filter B01D2239/086Binders between particles or fibres B01D2239/10Filtering material manufacturing B01D2239/12Special parameters characterising the filtering material B01D2239/1208Porosity B01D2239/1216Pore size B01D2239/1225Fibre length B01D2239/1233Fibre diameter B01D2239/1241Particle diameter B01D2239/125Size distribution B01D2239/1258Permeability B01D2239/1266Solidity B01D2239/1275Stiffness B01D2239/1283Stability index B01D2239/1291Other parameters