Auxiliary devices


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H01P1/005Diode mounting means H01P1/02Bends Corners Twists H01P1/022in waveguides of polygonal cross-section H01P1/025in the E-plane H01P1/027in the H-plane H01P1/04Fixed joints H01P1/042Hollow waveguide joints H01P1/045Coaxial joints H01P1/047Strip line joints H01P1/06Movable joints H01P1/061the relative movement being a translation along an axis common to at least two rectilinear parts H01P1/062the relative movement being a rotation H01P1/063with a limited angle of rotation H01P1/064the axis of rotation being perpendicular to the transmission path H01P1/065the axis of rotation being parallel to the transmission path H01P1/066with an unlimited angle of rotation H01P1/067the energy being transmitted in only one line located on the axis of rotation H01P1/068the energy being transmitted in at least one ring-shaped transmission line located around the axis of rotation H01P1/069the energy being transmitted in at least one ring-shaped transmission line located around an axial transmission line; Concentric coaxial systems H01P1/08Dielectric windows H01P1/10for switching or interrupting H01P1/11by ferromagnetic devices H01P1/12by mechanical chopper H01P1/122Waveguide switches H01P1/125Coaxial switches H01P1/127Strip line switches H01P1/14by electric discharge devices H01P1/15by semiconductor devices H01P1/16for mode selection H01P1/161sustaining two independent orthogonal modes H01P1/162absorbing spurious or unwanted modes of propagation H01P1/163specifically adapted for selection or promotion of the TE01 circular-electric mode H01P1/165for rotating the plane of polarisation H01P1/17for producing a continuously rotating polarisation H01P1/171using a corrugated or ridged waveguide section H01P1/172using a dielectric element H01P1/173using a conductive element H01P1/174using a magnetic element H01P1/175using Faraday rotators H01P1/18Phase-shifters H01P1/181using ferroelectric devices H01P1/182Waveguide phase-shifters H01P1/183Coaxial phase-shifters H01P1/184Strip line phase-shifters H01P1/185using a diode or a gas filled discharge tube H01P1/19using a ferromagnetic device H01P1/195having a toroidal shape H01P1/20Frequency-selective devices H01P1/2002Dielectric waveguide filters H01P1/2005Electromagnetic photonic bandgaps [EPB], or photonic bandgaps [PBG] H01P1/2007Filtering devices for biasing networks or DC returns H01P1/201Filters for transverse electromagnetic waves H01P1/2013Coplanar line filters H01P1/2016Slot line filters; Fin line filters H01P1/202Coaxial filters H01P1/203Strip line filters H01P1/20309with dielectric resonator H01P1/20318with dielectric resonators as non-metallised opposite openings in the metallised surfaces of a substrate H01P1/20327Electromagnetic interstage coupling H01P1/20336Comb or interdigital filters H01P1/20345Multilayer filters H01P1/20354Non-comb or non-interdigital filters H01P1/20363Linear resonators H01P1/20372Hairpin resonators H01P1/20381Special shape resonators H01P1/2039Galvanic coupling between Input/Output H01P1/205Comb or interdigital filters Cascaded coaxial cavities H01P1/2053the coaxial cavity resonators being disposed parall to each other H01P1/2056Comb filters or interdigital filters with metallised resonator holes in a dielectric block H01P1/207Hollow waveguide filters H01P1/208Cascaded cavities Cascaded resonators inside a hollow waveguide structure H01P1/2082with multimode resonators H01P1/2084with dielectric resonators H01P1/2086multimode H01P1/2088Integrated in a substrate H01P1/209comprising one or more branching arms or cavities wholly outside the main waveguide H01P1/211Waffle-iron filters Corrugated structures H01P1/212suppressing or attenuating harmonic frequencies H01P1/213combining or separating two or more different frequencies H01P1/2131with combining or separating polarisations H01P1/2133using coaxial filters H01P1/2135using strip line filters H01P1/2136using comb or interdigital filters; using cascaded coaxial cavities H01P1/2138using hollow waveguide filters H01P1/215using ferromagnetic material H01P1/217the ferromagnetic material acting as a tuning element in resonators H01P1/218the ferromagnetic material acting as a frequency selective coupling element H01P1/219Evanescent mode filters H01P1/22Attenuating devices H01P1/222Waveguide attenuators H01P1/225Coaxial attenuators H01P1/227Strip line attenuators H01P1/23using ferromagnetic material H01P1/24Terminating devices H01P1/26Dissipative terminations H01P1/262the dissipative medium being a liquid or being cooled by a liquid H01P1/264Waveguide terminations H01P1/266Coaxial terminations H01P1/268Strip line terminations H01P1/28Short-circuiting plungers H01P1/30for compensation of, or protection against, temperature or moisture effects; for improving power handling capability H01P1/32Non-reciprocal transmission devices H01P1/36Isolators H01P1/362Edge-guided mode devices H01P1/365Resonance absorption isolators H01P1/37Field displacement isolators H01P1/375using Faraday rotators H01P1/38Circulators H01P1/383Junction circulators H01P1/387Strip line circulators H01P1/39Hollow waveguide circulators H01P1/393using Faraday rotators H01P1/397using non- reciprocal phase shifters