Bathing devices for special therapeutic or hygienic purposes


  • CPC
  • A61H33/00
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Sub Industries

A61H33/005Electrical circuits therefor A61H33/0087Therapeutic baths with agitated or circulated water A61H33/0091Water agitated by means moving in the bath A61H33/0095Arrangements for varying the temperature of the liquid A61H33/02Bathing devices for use with gas-containing liquid, or liquid in which gas is led or generated A61H33/025Aerating mats or frames A61H33/026Gas nozzles specially adapted therefor A61H33/027Gas-water mixing nozzles therefor A61H33/028Means for producing a flow of gas A61H33/04Appliances for sand, mud or foam baths Appliances for metal baths A61H33/06Artificial hot-air or cold-air baths Steam or gas baths or douches A61H33/063Heaters specifically designed therefor A61H33/065with steam generators A61H33/066Cabins therefor A61H33/067Installations for the inside of such cabins A61H33/08Air douches for hygienic purposes A61H33/10Devices on tubs for steam baths A61H33/12Steam baths for the face A61H33/14Devices for gas baths with ozone, hydrogen, or the like A61H33/60Components specifically designed for the therapeutic baths of groups A61H33/00 A61H33/6005Special constructive structural details of the bathtub A61H33/601Inlet to the bath A61H33/6015Cascade massage A61H33/6021Nozzles A61H33/6026Nozzles in the bathtub connected to an outside pump circuit without modification of the walls A61H33/6031Extendible or retractable A61H33/6036Hand-held connected to a supply hose A61H33/6042Used also as outlet A61H33/6047With incorporated pump means A61H33/6052Having flow regulating means A61H33/6057Comprising means producing pulsating or intermittent streams A61H33/6063Specifically adapted for fitting in bathtub walls A61H33/6068Outlet from the bath A61H33/6073Intake mouths for recirculation of fluid in whirlpool baths A61H33/6078Combined with waste outlets A61H33/6084For filling to the border or edge of the bath A61H33/6089Specific construction features for further massaging means A61H33/6094Extending through the wall of the bathing device