Castors in general; Anti-clogging castors


  • CPC
  • B60B33/00
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Sub Industries

B60B33/0002assembling to the object B60B33/0005characterised by mounting method B60B33/0007by screwing B60B33/001by snapping, clicking or latching in B60B33/0013by straps, bands or similar B60B33/0015characterised by adaptations made to castor B60B33/0018in the form of a flat mounting plate B60B33/0021in the form of a mounting pin B60B33/0023in the form of specific adaptations to the form of the object B60B33/0026characterised by adaptations made to the object B60B33/0028Construction of wheels; methods of assembling on axle B60B33/0036characterised by type of wheels B60B33/0039Single wheels B60B33/0042Double or twin wheels B60B33/0044Roller type wheels B60B33/0047characterised by details of the rolling axle B60B33/0049the rolling axle being horizontal B60B33/0052the rolling axle being inclined B60B33/0055the rolling axle intersects swivel axis B60B33/0057the rolling axle being offset from swivel axis B60B33/006characterised by details of the swivel mechanism B60B33/0063no swivelling action B60B33/0065characterised by details of the swivel axis B60B33/0068the swivel axis being vertical B60B33/0071the swivel axis being inclined B60B33/0073the swivel axis being symmetrical to wheel or wheels B60B33/0076the swivel axis being offset laterally from wheel center plane B60B33/0078characterised by details of the wheel braking mechanism B60B33/0081acting on tire tread B60B33/0084acting on axle end B60B33/0086acting on rim or side portion of tyre B60B33/0089acting on the floor B60B33/0092actuated remotely B60B33/0094actuated automatically B60B33/0097acting permanently B60B33/02with disengageable swivel action B60B33/021combined with braking of castor wheel B60B33/023by using friction B60B33/025by using form-fit B60B33/026being actuated remotely B60B33/028being actuated automatically B60B33/04adjustable B60B33/045mounted resiliently, by means of dampers B60B33/06mounted retractably B60B33/063by linear movement parallel to swivel axis B60B33/066by use of a hinge and lever mechanism to swing wheel upwards relative to wheel mount B60B33/08Ball castors