Chairs or personal conveyances specially adapted for patients or disabled persons


  • CPC
  • A61G5/00
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Sub Industries

A61G5/003Wheelchairs attached to a cycle steerable by an attendant A61G5/006convertible to stretchers or beds A61G5/02propelled by the patient or disabled person A61G5/021having particular propulsion mechanisms A61G5/022acting on wheels A61G5/023acting directly on hubs or axis A61G5/024having particular operating means A61G5/025Levers A61G5/026Cranks or hand wheels A61G5/027by using auxiliary detachable mechanisms A61G5/028Special adaptations or provisions on hand rim A61G5/04motor-driven A61G5/041having a specific drive-type A61G5/042Front wheel drive A61G5/043Mid wheel drive A61G5/045Rear wheel drive A61G5/046at least three driven wheels A61G5/047by a modular detachable drive system A61G5/06with obstacle mounting facilities A61G5/061for climbing stairs A61G5/063with eccentrically mounted wheels A61G5/065with three or more wheels mounted on a rotary cross member A61G5/066with endless belts A61G5/068with extensible supports pushing upwards A61G5/08foldable A61G5/10Parts, details or accessories A61G5/1002with toilet facilities A61G5/1005Wheelchairs having brakes A61G5/1008for gradually slowing down the wheelchair A61G5/101of the parking brake type A61G5/1013engaging the wheel A61G5/1016on the rim A61G5/1018on the running surface A61G5/1021engaging specific brake elements A61G5/1024Brake discs A61G5/1027Hub elements A61G5/1029engaging a surface A61G5/1032engaging an element of the drive or transmission A61G5/1035manipulated by wheelchair user A61G5/1037manipulated by assisting person A61G5/104Devices for lifting or tilting the whole wheelchair A61G5/1043Cushions specially adapted for wheelchairs A61G5/1056Arrangements for adjusting the seat A61G5/1059adjusting the height of the seat A61G5/1062adjusting the width of the seat A61G5/1064adjusting the depth of the seat A61G5/1067adjusting the backrest relative to the seat portion A61G5/107positioning the whole seat forward or rearward A61G5/1072rotating the whole seat around a vertical axis A61G5/1075tilting the whole seat backwards A61G5/12Rests specially adapted therefor A61G5/14Standing-up or sitting-down aids