Cleaning hollow articles by methods or apparatus specially adapted thereto


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  • B08B9/00
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Sub Industries

B08B9/02Cleaning pipes or tubes or systems of pipes or tubes B08B9/021Cleaning pipe ends or pipe fittings B08B9/023Cleaning the external surface B08B9/027Cleaning the internal surfaces Removal of blockages B08B9/032by the mechanical action of a moving fluid B08B9/0321using pressurised, pulsating or purging fluid B08B9/0322in combination with a plug B08B9/0323Arrangements specially designed for simultaneous and parallel cleaning of a plurality of conduits B08B9/0325Control mechanisms therefor B08B9/0326Using pulsations B08B9/0327the fluid being in the form of a mist B08B9/0328by purging the pipe with a gas or a mixture of gas and liquid B08B9/035by suction B08B9/04using cleaning devices introduced into and moved along the pipes B08B9/043moved by externally powered mechanical linkage B08B9/0433provided exclusively with fluid jets as cleaning tools B08B9/0436provided with mechanical cleaning tools B08B9/045the cleaning devices being rotated while moved B08B9/047the cleaning devices having internal motors B08B9/049having self-contained propelling means for moving the cleaning devices along the pipes B08B9/0492Heavy-type cleaning devices B08B9/0495Nozzles propelled by fluid jets B08B9/0497provided with additional mechanical cleaning tools B08B9/051the cleaning devices having internal motors B08B9/053moved along the pipes by a fluid B08B9/0535the cleaning device being restricted in its movement by a cable or the like B08B9/055the cleaning devices conforming to, or being conformable to, substantially the same cross-section of the pipes B08B9/0551Control mechanisms therefor B08B9/0552Spherically shaped pigs B08B9/0553Cylindrically shaped pigs B08B9/0554Diablo shaped pigs B08B9/0555Gelled or degradable pigs B08B9/0556at least partially formed of a frozen liquid or gas B08B9/0557Pigs with rings shaped cleaning members B08B9/0558with additional jet means B08B9/057the cleaning devices being entrained discrete elements B08B9/08Cleaning containers B08B9/0804Cleaning containers having tubular shape B08B9/0808by methods involving the use of tools B08B9/0813by the force of jets or sprays B08B9/0817by agitating or tumbling containers filled with liquid or liquid and abrasive B08B9/0821Handling or manipulating containers B08B9/0826the containers being brought to the cleaning device B08B9/083Removing scrap from containers B08B9/0835Removing remnants of closures from bottle necks B08B9/0839Cleaning milk churns B08B9/0843for large numbers of milk chruns B08B9/0848Devices for inverting or emptying milk churns, applying or unseating covers B08B9/0852Drainage racks B08B9/0856Cleaning of water-treatment installations B08B9/0861Cleaning crates, boxes or the like B08B9/0865by burning-out B08B9/087by methods involving the use of tools B08B9/093by the force of jets or sprays B08B9/0933Removing sludge or the like from tank bottoms B08B9/0936using rotating jets B08B9/20by using apparatus into or on to which containers B08B9/205Conveying containers to or from the cleaning machines B08B9/22the apparatus cleaning by soaking alone B08B9/24and having conveyors B08B9/26Rotating conveyors B08B9/28the apparatus cleaning by splash, spray, or jet application, with or without soaking B08B9/283by gas jets B08B9/286the gas being ionized B08B9/30and having conveyors B08B9/32Rotating conveyors B08B9/34Arrangements of conduits or nozzles B08B9/36the apparatus cleaning by using brushes B08B9/38the apparatus cleaning by using scrapers, chains, grains of shot, sand or other abrasive means B08B9/40the apparatus cleaning by burning out B08B9/42the apparatus being characterised by means for conveying or carrying containers therethrough B08B9/423Holders for bottles, cell construction B08B9/426Grippers for bottles B08B9/44the means being for loading or unloading the apparatus B08B9/46Inspecting cleaned containers for cleanliness