Combinations of primary active aerial elements and units with secondary devices


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  • H01Q19/00
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H01Q19/005Patch antenna using one or more coplanar parasitic elements H01Q19/02Details H01Q19/021Means for reducing undesirable effects H01Q19/022for reducing the edge scattering of reflectors H01Q19/023for reducing the scattering of mounting structures H01Q19/025for optimizing the matching of the primary feed H01Q19/026for reducing the primary feed spill-over H01Q19/027for compensating or reducing aperture blockage H01Q19/028for reducing the cross polarisation H01Q19/04Means for collapsing H-aerials or Yagi aerials H01Q19/06using refracting or diffracting devices H01Q19/062for focusing H01Q19/065Zone plate type antennas H01Q19/067using a hologram H01Q19/08for modifying the radiation pattern of a radiating horn in which it is located H01Q19/09wherein the primary active element is coated with or embedded in a dielectric or magnetic material H01Q19/10using reflecting surfaces H01Q19/102wherein the surfaces are of convex toroïdal shape H01Q19/104using a substantially flat reflector for deflecting the radiated beam H01Q19/106using two or more intersecting plane surfaces H01Q19/108Combination of a dipole with a plane reflecting surface H01Q19/12wherein the surfaces are concave H01Q19/13the primary radiating source being a single radiating element H01Q19/132Horn reflector antennas; Off-set feeding H01Q19/134Rear-feeds; Splash plate feeds H01Q19/136cross-polarised H01Q19/138Parallel-plate feeds H01Q19/15the primary radiating source being a line source H01Q19/17the primary radiating source comprising two or more radiating elements H01Q19/175arrayed along the focal line of a cylindrical focusing surface H01Q19/18having two or more spaced reflecting surfaces H01Q19/185wherein the surfaces are plane H01Q19/19comprising one main concave reflecting surface associated with an auxiliary reflecting surface H01Q19/191wherein the primary active element uses one or more deflecting surfaces H01Q19/192with dual offset reflectors H01Q19/193with feed supported subreflector H01Q19/195wherein a reflecting surface acts also as a polarisation filter or a polarising device H01Q19/20Producing pencil beam by two cylindrical focusing devices with their focal lines orthogonally disposed H01Q19/22using a secondary device in the form of a single substantially straight conductive element H01Q19/24the primary active element being centre-fed and substantially straight H01Q19/26the primary active element being end-fed and elongated H01Q19/28using a secondary device in the form of two or more substantially straight conductive elements H01Q19/30the primary active element being centre-fed and substantially straight H01Q19/32the primary active element being end-fed and elongated