Communication cables or conductors


  • CPC
  • H01B11/00
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Sub Industries

H01B11/002Pair constructions H01B11/005Quad constructions H01B11/007for overhead application H01B11/02Cables with twisted pairs or quads H01B11/04with pairs or quads mutually positioned to reduce cross-talk H01B11/06with means for reducing effects of electromagnetic or electrostatic disturbances H01B11/08Screens specially adapted for reducing cross-talk H01B11/085composed of longitudinal tape conductors H01B11/10Screens specially adapted for reducing interference from external sources H01B11/1008Features relating to screening tape per se H01B11/1016composed of a longitudinal lapped tape-conductor H01B11/1025composed of a helicoidally wound tape-conductor H01B11/1033composed of a wire-braided conductor H01B11/1041composed of a helicoidally wound wire-conductor H01B11/105composed of a longitudinally posed wire-conductor H01B11/1058using a coating H01B11/1066the coating containing conductive or semiconductive material H01B11/1075the coating being applied by printing H01B11/1083the coating containing magnetic material H01B11/1091with screen grounding means H01B11/12Arrangements for exhibiting specific transmission characteristics H01B11/125Specially adapted cable interconnections H01B11/14Continuously inductively loaded cables H01B11/143using helically wound magnetic tape H01B11/146using magnetically loaded coatings H01B11/16Cables H01B11/18Co-axial cables Analogous cables having more than one inner conductor within a common outer conductor H01B11/1804Construction of the space inside the hollow inner conductor H01B11/1808Construction of the conductors H01B11/1813Co-axial cables with at least one braided conductor H01B11/1817Co-axial cables with at least one metal deposit conductor H01B11/1821Co-axial cables with at least one wire-wound conductor H01B11/1826Co-axial cables with at least one longitudinal lapped tape-conductor H01B11/183Co-axial cables with at least one helicoidally wound tape-conductor H01B11/1834Construction of the insulation between the conductors H01B11/1839of cellular structure H01B11/1843of tubular structure H01B11/1847of helical wrapped structure H01B11/1852of longitudinal lapped structure H01B11/1856Discontinuous insulation H01B11/186having the shape of a disc H01B11/1865having the shape of a bead H01B11/1869Construction of the layers on the outer side of the outer conductor H01B11/1873Measures for the conductors, in order to fix the spacers H01B11/1878Special measures in order to improve the flexibility H01B11/1882Special measures in order to improve the refrigeration H01B11/1886Special measures in order to improve the centration of the inner conductor H01B11/1891comprising auxiliary conductors H01B11/1895Particular features or applications H01B11/20Cables having a multiplicity of co-axial lines H01B11/203forming a flat arrangement H01B11/206Tri-conductor coaxial cables H01B11/22Cables including at least one electrical conductor together with optical fibres