Component parts, details, or accessories of power brake systems not covered by groups B60T8/00, B60T13/00 or B60T15/00, or presenting other characteristic features


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  • B60T17/00
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Sub Industries

B60T17/002Air treatment devices B60T17/004Draining and drying devices B60T17/006Anti-frost devices B60T17/008Silencer devices B60T17/02Arrangements of pumps or compressors, or control devices therefor B60T17/04Arrangements of piping, valves in the piping B60T17/043Brake line couplings, air hoses and stopcocks B60T17/046Devices for pipe guiding and fixing B60T17/06Applications or arrangements of reservoirs B60T17/08Brake cylinders other than ultimate actuators B60T17/081Single service brake actuators B60T17/083Combination of service brake actuators with spring loaded brake actuators B60T17/085Spring loaded brake actuators B60T17/086Spring loaded brake actuators with emergency release device B60T17/088Mounting arrangements B60T17/10Two or more cylinders acting on the same brake with means for rendering them effective selectively or successively, the number of effective cylinders being variable B60T17/12according to vehicle weight B60T17/14according to vehicle speed B60T17/16Locking of brake cylinders B60T17/18Safety devices Monitoring B60T17/20Safety devices operable by passengers other than the driver B60T17/22Devices for monitoring or checking brake systems Signal devices B60T17/221Procedure or apparatus for checking or keeping in a correct functionning condition of brake systems B60T17/222by filling or bleeding of hydraulic systems B60T17/223Devices for pressurising brake systems acting on pedal B60T17/225brake fluid level indicators B60T17/226using devices being responsive to the difference between the fluid pressions in conduits of multiple braking systems B60T17/227With additional functions B60T17/228for railway vehicles