Compositions of mortars, concrete or artificial stone, containing inorganic binders or the reaction product of an inorganic and an organic binder


  • CPC
  • C04B28/00
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Sub Industries

C04B28/001containing unburned clay C04B28/003containing hybrid binders other than those of the polycarboxylate type C04B28/005containing gelatineous or gel forming binders C04B28/006containing mineral polymers C04B28/008Mineral polymers other than those of the Davidovits type C04B28/02containing hydraulic cements other than calcium sulfates C04B28/021Ash cements C04B28/023Barium cements C04B28/025Belite cements C04B28/026Oil shale cements C04B28/028Alinite cements C04B28/04Portland cements C04B28/06Aluminous cements C04B28/065Calcium aluminosulfate cements C04B28/08Slag cements C04B28/082Steelmaking slags; Converter slags C04B28/085Slags from the production of specific alloys C04B28/087Phosphorus slags C04B28/10Lime cements or magnesium oxide cements C04B28/105Magnesium oxide or magnesium carbonate cements C04B28/12Hydraulic lime C04B28/14containing calcium sulfate cements C04B28/141containing dihydrated gypsum before the final hardening step C04B28/142containing synthetic or waste calcium sulfate cements C04B28/143the synthetic calcium sulfate being phosphogypsum C04B28/144the synthetic calcium sulfate being a flue gas desulfurization product C04B28/145Calcium sulfate hemi-hydrate with a specific crystal form C04B28/146alpha-hemihydrate C04B28/147beta-hemihydrate C04B28/148containing calcium sulfate formed in situ C04B28/16containing anhydrite C04B28/165containing synthetic anhydrite C04B28/18containing mixtures of the silica-lime type C04B28/182based on calcium silicate forming mixtures not containing lime or lime producing ingredients C04B28/184based on an oxide other than lime C04B28/186containing formed Ca-silicates before the final hardening step C04B28/188the Ca-silicates being present in the starting mixture C04B28/20Sand-lime C04B28/22Lime and pozzuolanas C04B28/225artificial pozzuolanas C04B28/24containing alkyl, ammonium or metal silicates containing silica sols C04B28/26Silicates of the alkali metals C04B28/28containing organic polyacids, e.g. polycarboxylate cements C04B28/30containing magnesium cements or similar cements C04B28/32Magnesium oxychloride cements C04B28/34containing cold phosphate binders C04B28/342the phosphate binder being present in the starting composition as a mixture of free acid and one or more reactive oxides C04B28/344the phosphate binder being present in the starting composition solely as one or more phosphates C04B28/346the phosphate binder being present in the starting composition as a mixture of free acid and one or more phosphates C04B28/348the starting mixture also containing one or more reactive oxides C04B28/36containing sulfur, sulfides or selenium C04B28/365containing sulfides or selenium