Constructional details or processes of manufacture of the non-active parts


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  • H01M2/00
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Sub Industries

H01M2/02Cases, jackets or wrappings H01M2/0202for small-sized cells or batteries H01M2/0207Flat-shaped cells or batteries of flat cells H01M2/021with both terminals passing through the case or cover H01M2/0212with plate-like or sheet-like terminals H01M2/0215with window-shaped terminals H01M2/0217Cases of prismatic shape H01M2/022Cases of cylindrical or round shape H01M2/0222Button or coin cell cases H01M2/0225with cup-shaped terminals H01M2/0227with both cup-shaped terminals H01M2/023with one cup-shaped terminal H01M2/0232with a passing-through terminal H01M2/0235with a collector centrally disposed in the active mass H01M2/0237for large-sized cells or batteries H01M2/024Details H01M2/0242Monobloc manufactured cases comprising multiple compartments H01M2/0245Assembly of different cases H01M2/0247sealed to each other in a non-detachable manner H01M2/025for cells or batteries working under specific conditions such as high temperature, gas diffusion, external electrolyte circulation, external supply of reactants H01M2/0252High- temperature cells or batteries H01M2/0255Hybrid cells or batteries H01M2/0257characterised by the material H01M2/026for small-sized cells or batteries, batteries or cells for portable equipment H01M2/0262for large-sized cells or batteries, batteries or cells for traction or motive power or standby power H01M2/0265for high-temperature cells H01M2/0267of wrappings, outside coatings, jackets around completely closed cell elements H01M2/027Casing material forming terminal of the cell H01M2/0272characterized by the internal coating or internal conductive layer H01M2/0275of flexible envelopes or bags around open cell elements H01M2/0277Insulating material H01M2/028being one layer H01M2/0282having particulate or reinforced material H01M2/0285Conductive material H01M2/0287comprising layers H01M2/029consisting only of insulating material H01M2/0292characterised by the external coating on the casing H01M2/0295Composite material consisting of mixed or dispersed phases H01M2/04Lids or covers H01M2/0404for small-sized cells or batteries H01M2/0408Crimp-sealed cells or batteries; Cells or batteries with turned-over edges H01M2/0413provided with an intermediary sealing member between the crimped or curled edges H01M2/0417comprising an insulating cover provided with an axial bore for receiving a central current collector H01M2/0421with an external conductive cover H01M2/0426with a metallic cover of which the borders are soldered or welded with the case H01M2/043for large-sized cells or batteries H01M2/0434Methods for assembling case and cover H01M2/0439without provisions for disassembling H01M2/0443for cells or batteries working under specific conditions such as high temperature, gas diffusion, external electrolyte circulation, external supply of reactants H01M2/0447High-temperature cells or batteries H01M2/0452Hybrid cells or batteries H01M2/0456characterised by the shape H01M2/046Disk-like lids for cylindrical batteries H01M2/0465Button cell lids H01M2/0469Lids for flat or sheet-like batteries H01M2/0473Lids for prismatic cells H01M2/0478characterised by the material H01M2/0482Insulating materials H01M2/0486Conducting materials H01M2/0491characterised by the coating H01M2/0495Conductive coating material H01M2/06Arrangements for introducing electric connectors into or through cases H01M2/065using glass or ceramic sealing material H01M2/08Sealing materials H01M2/10Mountings Suspension devices Shock absorbers Transport or carrying devices Holders H01M2/1005Carrying devices H01M2/1011using the terminals or connecting links H01M2/1016Cabinets, cases, fixing devices, adapters, racks or battery packs H01M2/1022for miniature batteries or batteries for portable equipment H01M2/1027with the possibility of incorporating batteries of different sizes H01M2/1033providing adapters around the batteries H01M2/1038for button cells H01M2/1044forming a whole with or incorporated in or fixed to the electronic appliance H01M2/105for cells of cylindrical configuration H01M2/1055forming a whole with or incorporated in or fixed to the electronic appliance H01M2/1061for cells of prismatic configuration or for sheet-like batteries H01M2/1066forming a whole with or incorporated in or fixed to the electronic appliance H01M2/1072for starting, lighting or ignition batteries; Vehicle traction batteries; Stationary or load leading batteries H01M2/1077Racks, groups of several batteries H01M2/1083Fixing on vehicles H01M2/1088for accumulators working at high temperature H01M2/1094Particular characteristics of materials used to isolate the battery from its environment H01M2/12Vent plugs or other mechanical arrangements for facilitating escape of gases H01M2/1205Vent arrangements incorporated in vent plugs or multiplug systems detachable from the battery or cell H01M2/1211Multiplug systems or arrangements; Plurality of plugs surrounded by a common cover H01M2/1217in the shape of a one-piece member H01M2/1223Vent arrangements of resealable design H01M2/1229comprising a deformable, elastic or flexible valve member H01M2/1235Emergency or safety arrangements of non-resealable design H01M2/1241in the form of rupturable membranes or weakened parts H01M2/1247Explosion- or splash-preventing means contained in the head space of the battery H01M2/1252comprising elongated, tortuous or labyrinth-shaped exhaust passages in the battery cover or case; Double cover vent systems H01M2/1258containing electrolyte neutralising or absorbing means H01M2/1264comprising gas-pervious parts or elements H01M2/127as flame arrester or ignition preventing means H01M2/1276Spring-loaded vent valves H01M2/1282Thermally responsive or sensitive vent means H01M2/1288Film- or sheet-like elastic valve members optionally coated with non-drying glue H01M2/1294Slit, perforated or punctured elastic valve members H01M2/14Separators Membranes Diaphragms Spacing elements H01M2/145Manufacturing processes H01M2/16characterised by the material H01M2/1606comprising fibrous material H01M2/1613Inorganic fibrous material H01M2/162Organic fibrous material H01M2/1626Natural fibres H01M2/1633Mixtures of inorganic and organic fibres H01M2/164comprising non-fibrous material H01M2/1646Inorganic non-fibrous material H01M2/1653Organic non-fibrous material H01M2/166Mixtures of inorganic and organic non-fibrous material H01M2/1666comprising a non-fibrous layer and a fibrous layer superimposed on one another H01M2/1673Electrode-separator combination H01M2/168with adhesive layers between electrodes and separators H01M2/1686Separators having two or more layers of either fibrous or non-fibrous materials H01M2/1693Wood H01M2/18characterised by the shape H01M2/185Separators made of one single microscopic fiber H01M2/20Current conducting connections for cells H01M2/202Interconnectors for or interconnection of the terminals of adjacent or distinct batteries or cells H01M2/204of small-sized cells or batteries H01M2/206of large-sized cells or batteries H01M2/208for cells or batteries working under specific conditions such as high temperature, gas diffusion, external electrolyte circulation, external supply of reactants H01M2/22Fixed connections H01M2/24Intercell connections through partitions H01M2/26Electrode connections H01M2/263Electrode connections overlying wounded or folded electrode stacks H01M2/266Interconnections of several platelike electrodes in parallel H01M2/28for lead-acid accumulators H01M2/30Terminals H01M2/302Terminal post members on carbon electrodes; Machines or processes for applying said terminal post members H01M2/305Poles or terminals for L.I.S, traction or motive power type or standby power batteries H01M2/307the poles being connected and passing through hollow metallic terminals H01M2/32Methods or arrangements for affording protection against corrosion Selection of materials therefor H01M2/34with provision for preventing undesired use or discharge H01M2/341Anti-theft provisions H01M2/342Protection against polarity reversal H01M2/344Guarantee labels or covers H01M2/345in response to pressure H01M2/347in response to shock H01M2/348in response to temperature H01M2/36arrangements for filling, topping-up or emptying cases with or of liquid H01M2/361Filling of small-sized cells or batteries H01M2/362Filling or topping up of large-sized cells or batteries H01M2/364Removing or drainage of electrolyte; Cleaning battery or cell cases H01M2/365means or methods for closing or sealing the liquid supply hole H01M2/367with means for preventing spilling of liquid or electrolyte H01M2/368by closing the vent passages with a valve H01M2/38Arrangements for moving electrolytes H01M2/385Electrolyte stirring by action of gases on or in the electrolyte H01M2/40with external circulating path