Control of linear speed Control of angular speed Control of acceleration or deceleration


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  • G05D13/00
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Sub Industries

G05D13/02Details G05D13/04providing for emergency tripping of an engine in case of exceeding maximum speed G05D13/06providing for damping of erratic vibrations in governors G05D13/08without auxiliary power G05D13/10Centrifugal governors with fly-weights G05D13/12Details G05D13/14Fly weights Mountings thereof Adjusting equipment for limits G05D13/16Risers Transmission gear therefor Restoring mechanisms therefor G05D13/18Counterbalanced by spider springs acting immediately upon the fly-weights G05D13/20counterbalanced by spider springs acting upon the articulated riser G05D13/22counterbalanced by fluid pressure acting upon the articulated riser G05D13/24counterbalanced by two or more different appliances acting simultaneously upon the riser G05D13/26with provision for modulating the degree of non-uniformity of speed G05D13/28with provision for performing braking effects in case of increased speed G05D13/30Governors characterised by fluid features in which the speed of a shaft is converted into fluid pressure G05D13/32using a pump G05D13/34with auxiliary non-electric power G05D13/36using regulating devices with proportional band G05D13/38involving centrifugal governors of fly-weight type G05D13/40involving fluid governors of pump type G05D13/42involving fluid governors of flow-controller type G05D13/44involving fluid governors of jet type G05D13/46using regulating devices with proportional band and integral action G05D13/48involving resilient restoring mechanisms G05D13/50involving connecting means or superimposing a proportional regulating device and an integral regulating device G05D13/52using regulating devices with proportional band and derivative action G05D13/54involving centrifugal governors of fly-weight type exerting an acceleratory effect G05D13/56involving restoring mechanisms exerting a delay effect G05D13/58involving means for connecting a speed regulating device and an acceleration regulating device G05D13/60using regulating devices with proportional band, derivative and integral action G05D13/62characterised by the use of electric means G05D13/64Compensating the speed difference between engines meshing by a differential gearing or the speed difference between a controlling shaft and a controlled shaft G05D13/66Governor units providing for co-operation with control dependent upon a variable other than speed