Degasification of liquids


  • CPC
  • B01D19/00
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Sub Industries

B01D19/0005with one or more auxiliary substances B01D19/001by bubbling steam through the liquid B01D19/0015in contact columns containing plates, grids or other filling elements B01D19/0021by bringing the liquid in a thin layer B01D19/0026in rotating vessels or in vessels containing movable parts B01D19/0031by filtration B01D19/0036Flash degasification B01D19/0042modifying the liquid flow B01D19/0047Atomizing, spraying, trickling B01D19/0052in rotating vessels, vessels containing movable parts or in which centrifugal movement is caused B01D19/0057the centrifugal movement being caused by a vortex B01D19/0063Regulation, control including valves and floats B01D19/0068General arrangements B01D19/0073by a method not covered by groups B01D19/0005 - B01D19/0042 B01D19/0078by vibration B01D19/0084using an electric current B01D19/0089using a magnetic field B01D19/0094by using a vortex, cavitation B01D19/02Foam dispersion or prevention B01D19/04by addition of chemical substances B01D19/0404characterised by the nature of the chemical substance B01D19/0409compounds containing Si-atoms B01D19/0413compounds containing N-atoms B01D19/0418compounds containing P-atoms B01D19/0422compounds containing S-atoms B01D19/0427compounds containing halogen-atoms B01D19/0431containing aromatic rings B01D19/0436with substituted groups B01D19/044which contain Si-atoms B01D19/0445which contain N-atoms B01D19/045which contain P-atoms B01D19/0454which contain S-atoms B01D19/0459which contain halogen-atoms B01D19/0463containing rings other than aromatic rings B01D19/0468with substituted groups B01D19/0472which contain Si-atoms B01D19/0477which contain N-atoms B01D19/0481which contain P-atoms B01D19/0486which contain S-atoms B01D19/049which contain halogen-atoms B01D19/0495containing hetero rings