Details of electrodes, of magnetic control means, of screens, or of the mounting or spacing thereof, common to two or more basic types of discharge tubes or lamps


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  • H01J1/00
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Sub Industries

H01J1/02Main electrodes H01J1/025Hollow cathodes H01J1/04Liquid electrodes H01J1/05characterised by material H01J1/06Containers for liquid-pool electrodes Arrangement or mounting thereof H01J1/08Positioning or moving the cathode spot on the surface of a liquid-pool cathode H01J1/10Cooling, heating, circulating, filtering, or controlling level of liquid in a liquid-pool electrode H01J1/12Cathodes having mercury or liquid alkali metal deposited on the cathode surface during operation of the tube H01J1/13Solid thermionic cathodes H01J1/135Circuit arrangements therefor H01J1/14characterised by the material H01J1/142with alkaline-earth metal oxides, or such oxides used in conjunction with reducing agents, as an emissive material H01J1/144with other metal oxides as an emissive material H01J1/146with metals or alloys as an emissive material H01J1/148with compounds having metallic conductive properties H01J1/15Cathodes heated directly by an electric current H01J1/16characterised by the shape H01J1/18Supports Vibration-damping arrangements H01J1/20Cathodes heated indirectly by an electric current Cathodes heated by electron or ion bombardment H01J1/22Heaters H01J1/24Insulating layer or body located between heater and emissive material H01J1/26Supports for the emissive material H01J1/28Dispenser-type cathodes H01J1/30Cold cathodes H01J1/304Field-emissive cathodes H01J1/3042microengineered H01J1/3044Point emitters H01J1/3046Edge emitters H01J1/3048Distributed particle emitters H01J1/308Semiconductor cathodes H01J1/312having an electric field perpendicular to the surface H01J1/316having an electric field parallel to the surface H01J1/32Secondary-electron-emitting electrodes H01J1/34Photo-emissive cathodes H01J1/35Electrodes exhibiting both secondary emission and photo-emission H01J1/36Solid anodes Solid auxiliary anodes for maintaining a discharge H01J1/38characterised by the material H01J1/40forming part of the envelope of the tube or lamp H01J1/42Cooling of anodes Heating of anodes H01J1/44Rotary anodes Arrangements for rotating anodes Cooling rotary anodes H01J1/46Control electrodes H01J1/48characterised by the material H01J1/50Magnetic means for controlling the discharge H01J1/52Screens for shielding Guides for influencing the discharge Masks interposed in the electron stream H01J1/53Electrodes intimately associated with a screen on or from which an image or pattern is formed, picked up, converted, or stored H01J1/54Screens on or from which an image or pattern is formed, picked up, converted, or stored Luminescent coatings on vessels H01J1/56acting as light valves by shutter operation H01J1/58acting by discolouration H01J1/60Incandescent screens H01J1/62Luminescent screens Selection of materials for luminescent coatings on vessels H01J1/63characterised by the luminescent material H01J1/64characterised by the binder or adhesive for securing the luminescent material to its supports H01J1/66Supports for luminescent material H01J1/68with superimposed luminescent layers H01J1/70with protective, conductive, or reflective layers H01J1/72with luminescent material discontinuously arranged H01J1/74with adjacent dots or lines of different luminescent material H01J1/76provided with permanent marks or references H01J1/78Photoelectric screens Charge-storage screens H01J1/88Mounting, supporting, spacing, or insulating of electrodes or of electrode assemblies H01J1/90Insulation between electrodes or supports within the vacuum space H01J1/92Mountings for the electrode assembly as a whole H01J1/94Mountings for individual electrodes H01J1/96Spacing members extending to the envelope H01J1/98without fixed connection between spacing member and envelope