Details of switching devices, not covered by groups H01H1/00 - H01H7/00


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  • H01H9/00
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Sub Industries

H01H9/0005Tap change devices H01H9/0011Voltage selector switches H01H9/0016Contact arrangements for tap changers H01H9/0027Operating mechanisms H01H9/0033with means for indicating the selected tap or limiting the number of selectable taps H01H9/0038making use of vacuum switches H01H9/0044Casings; Mountings; Disposition in transformer housing H01H9/0066Auxiliary contact devices H01H9/0072particular to three-phase switches H01H9/02Bases, casings, or covers H01H9/0207Adjustable mounting of casings H01H9/0214Hand-held casings H01H9/0228Line cord switches H01H9/0235specially adapted for remote control H01H9/0242Protective enclosures; Cushioning means H01H9/025Stands or organisers to facilitate location or operation H01H9/0264Protective covers for terminals H01H9/0271structurally combining a switch and an electronic component H01H9/04Dustproof, splashproof, drip-proof, waterproof, or flameproof casings H01H9/041Casings hermetically closed by a diaphragm through which passes an actuating member H01H9/042Explosion-proof cases H01H9/043with pressure-relief devices H01H9/045with interlocking mechanism between cover and operating mechanism H01H9/046with internal explosion inhibiting means H01H9/047provided with venting means H01H9/06Casing of switch constituted by a handle serving a purpose other than the actuation of the switch H01H9/061enclosing a continuously variable impedance H01H9/063enclosing a reversing switch H01H9/08Arrangements to facilitate replacement of a switch H01H9/085contact separation effected by removing contact carrying element H01H9/10Adaptation for built-in fuses H01H9/102Fuses mounted on or constituting the movable contact parts of the switch H01H9/104with interlocking mechanism between switch and fuse H01H9/106fuse and switch being connected in parallel H01H9/12Means for earthing parts of switch not normally conductively connected to the contacts H01H9/14Adaptation for built-in safety spark gaps H01H9/16Indicators for switching condition H01H9/161comprising light emitting elements H01H9/162Means to facilitate removal or replacement of light-emitting elements H01H9/165comprising numbered dials H01H9/167Circuits for remote indication H01H9/168making use of an electromagnetic wave communication H01H9/18Distinguishing marks on switches H01H9/181using a programmable display H01H9/182Illumination of the symbols or distinguishing marks H01H9/185Fluorescent or phosphorescent symbols or distinguishing marks H01H9/20Interlocking, locking, or latching mechanisms H01H9/22for interlocking between casing, cover, or protective shutter and mechanism for operating contacts H01H9/223Defeatable locking means H01H9/226the casing containing electrical equipment other than and operated by the switch H01H9/24for interlocking two or more parts of the mechanism for operating contacts H01H9/26for interlocking two or more switches H01H9/262using flexible transmission elements H01H9/28for locking switch parts by a key or equivalent removable member H01H9/281making use of a padlock H01H9/282and a separate part mounted or mountable on the switch assembly and movable between an unlocking position and a locking position where it can be secured by the padlock H01H9/283the part being removable H01H9/285Locking mechanisms incorporated in the switch assembly and operable by a key or a special tool H01H9/286making use of a removable locking part acting directly on the operating part H01H9/287wherein the operating part is made inaccessible or more difficult to access by a lid, cover or guard H01H9/30Means for extinguishing or preventing arc between current-carrying parts H01H9/302wherein arc-extinguishing gas is evolved from stationary parts H01H9/32Insulating body insertable between contacts H01H9/34Stationary parts for restricting or subdividing the arc H01H9/341Barrier plates carrying electrodes H01H9/342Venting arrangements for arc chutes H01H9/345Mounting of arc chutes H01H9/346Details concerning the arc formation chamber H01H9/36Metal parts H01H9/362Mounting of plates in arc chamber H01H9/38Auxiliary contacts on to which the arc is transferred from the main contacts H01H9/383Arcing contact pivots relative to the movable contact assembly H01H9/386Arcing contact pivots relative to the fixed contact assembly H01H9/40Multiple main contacts for the purpose of dividing the current through, or potential drop along, the arc H01H9/42Impedances connected with contacts H01H9/44using blow-out magnet H01H9/443using permanent magnets H01H9/446using magnetisable elements associated with the contacts H01H9/46using arcing-horn H01H9/465Shunt circuit closed by transferring the arc onto an auxiliary electrode H01H9/48Means for preventing discharge to non-current-carrying parts H01H9/50Means for detecting the presence of an arc or discharge H01H9/52Cooling of switch parts H01H9/54Circuit arrangements not adapted to a particular application of the switching device and for which no provision exists elsewhere H01H9/541Contacts shunted by semiconductor devices H01H9/542Contacts shunted by static switch means H01H9/547Combinations of mechanical switches and static switches, the latter being controlled by the former H01H9/548Electromechanical and static switch connected in series H01H9/56for ensuring the operation of the switch at a predetermined point in the cycle H01H9/563for multipolar switches