Details of transformers or inductances, in general


  • CPC
  • H01F27/00
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Sub Industries

H01F27/002Arrangements provided on the transformer facilitating its transport H01F27/004Arrangements for interchanging inductances, transformers or coils thereof H01F27/006with special arrangement or spacing of turns of the winding(s) H01F27/008with temperature compensation H01F27/02Casings H01F27/022Encapsulation H01F27/025Constructional details relating to cooling H01F27/027specially adapted for combination of signal type inductors or transformers with electronic circuits H01F27/04Leading of conductors or axles through casings H01F27/06Mounting, supporting or suspending transformers, reactors or choke coils not being of the signal type H01F27/08Cooling Ventilating H01F27/085Cooling by ambient air H01F27/10Liquid cooling H01F27/105Cooling by special liquid or by liquid of particular composition H01F27/12Oil cooling H01F27/125Cooling by synthetic insulating and incombustible liquid H01F27/14Expansion chambers Oil conservators Gas cushions Arrangements for purifying, drying, or filling H01F27/16Water cooling H01F27/18by evaporating liquids H01F27/20Cooling by special gases or non-ambient air H01F27/22Cooling by heat conduction through solid or powdered fillings H01F27/23Corrosion protection H01F27/24Magnetic cores H01F27/245made from sheets H01F27/2455using bent laminations H01F27/25made from strips or ribbons H01F27/255made from particles H01F27/26Fastening parts of the core together Fastening or mounting the core on casing or support H01F27/263Fastening parts of the core together H01F27/266Fastening or mounting the core on casing or support H01F27/28Coils Windings Conductive connections H01F27/2804Printed windings H01F27/2823Wires H01F27/2828Construction of conductive connections, of leads H01F27/2847Sheets; Strips H01F27/2852Construction of conductive connections, of leads H01F27/2866Combination of wires and sheets H01F27/2871Pancake coils H01F27/2876Cooling H01F27/288Shielding H01F27/2885with shields or electrodes H01F27/289with auxiliary windings H01F27/2895Windings disposed upon ring cores H01F27/29Terminals Tapping arrangements for signal inductances H01F27/292Surface mounted devices H01F27/30Fastening or clamping coils, windings, or parts thereof together Fastening or mounting coils or windings on core, casing, or other support H01F27/303Clamping coils, windings or parts thereof together H01F27/306Fastening or mounting coils or windings on core, casing or other support H01F27/32Insulating of coils, windings, or parts thereof H01F27/321using a fluid for insulating purposes only H01F27/322the insulation forming channels for circulation of the fluid H01F27/323Insulation between winding turns, between winding layers H01F27/324Insulation between coil and core, between different winding sections, around the coil; Other insulation structures H01F27/325Coil bobbins H01F27/326specifically adapted for discharge lamp ballasts H01F27/327Encapsulating or impregnating H01F27/33Arrangements for noise damping H01F27/34Special means for preventing or reducing unwanted electric or magnetic effects H01F27/341Preventing or reducing no-load losses or reactive currents H01F27/343Preventing or reducing surge voltages; oscillations H01F27/345using auxiliary conductors H01F27/346Preventing or reducing leakage fields H01F27/36Electric or magnetic shields or screens H01F27/362Electric shields or screens H01F27/365Magnetic shields or screens H01F27/367using non-magnetic screens H01F27/38Auxiliary core members Auxiliary coils or windings H01F27/385for reducing harmonics H01F27/40Structural association with built-in electric component H01F27/402Association of measuring or protective means H01F27/42Circuits specially adapted for the purpose of modifying, or compensating for, electric characteristics of transformers, reactors, or choke coils H01F27/422for instrument transformers H01F27/425for voltage transformers H01F27/427for current transformers