Details relating to membrane modules or apparatus


  • CPC
  • B01D2313/00
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Sub Industries

B01D2313/02Specific tightening or locking mechanisms B01D2313/025Specific membrane holders B01D2313/04Specific sealing means B01D2313/06External membrane module supporting or fixing means B01D2313/08Flow guidance means within the module or the apparatus B01D2313/083Bypass routes B01D2313/086Meandering flow path over the membrane B01D2313/10Specific supply elements B01D2313/105Supply manifolds B01D2313/12Specific discharge elements B01D2313/125Discharge manifolds B01D2313/13Specific connectors B01D2313/14Specific spacers B01D2313/143on the feed side B01D2313/146on the permeate side B01D2313/16Specific vents B01D2313/18Specific valves B01D2313/19Specific flow restrictors B01D2313/20Specific housing B01D2313/21Specific headers, end caps B01D2313/22Specific cooling or heating elements B01D2313/23Specific membrane protectors B01D2313/24Specific pressurizing or depressurizing means B01D2313/243Pumps B01D2313/246Energy recovery means B01D2313/26Specific gas distributors or gas intakes B01D2313/28Specific concentration chambers B01D2313/30Specific dilution or de-ionizing chambers B01D2313/32Intermediate chambers B01D2313/34Energy carriers B01D2313/345Electrodes B01D2313/36Energy sources B01D2313/365Electrical sources B01D2313/38Heat exchangers B01D2313/40Adsorbents within the flow path B01D2313/42Catalysts within the flow path B01D2313/44Cartridge types B01D2313/46Supply, recovery or discharge mechanisms of washing members B01D2313/48Mechanisms for switching between regular separation operations and washing B01D2313/50Specific extra reservoirs B01D2313/54Modularity of membrane module elements B01D2313/56Specific mechanisms for loading the membrane in a module B01D2313/58Parts of membrane modules specifically adapted to single use B01D2313/90Other integrated auxiliary systems