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  • H01K1/00
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Sub Industries

H01K1/02Incandescent bodies H01K1/04characterised by the material thereof H01K1/06Carbon bodies H01K1/08Metallic bodies H01K1/10Bodies of metal or carbon combined with other substance H01K1/12Bodies which are non-conductive when cold H01K1/14characterised by the shape H01K1/16Electric connection thereto H01K1/18Mountings or supports for the incandescent body H01K1/20characterised by the material thereof H01K1/22Lamp stems H01K1/24Mounts for lamps with connections at opposite ends H01K1/26Screens Filters H01K1/28Envelopes Vessels H01K1/30incorporating lenses H01K1/32provided with coatings on the walls Vessels or coatings theron characterised by the material thereof H01K1/325Reflecting coating H01K1/34Double wall vessels H01K1/36Seals between parts of vessel H01K1/38Seals for leading-in conductors H01K1/40Leading-in conductors H01K1/42Means forming part of the lamp for the purpose of providing electrical connection, or support for, the lamp H01K1/44directly applied to, or forming part of, the vessel H01K1/46supported by a separate part H01K1/465with means to prevent loosening or unauthorised removal of the lamp H01K1/48Removable caps H01K1/50Selection of substances for gas fillings Specified pressure thereof H01K1/52Means for obtaining or maintaining the desired pressure within the vessel H01K1/54Means for absorbing or absorbing gas, or for preventing or removing efflorescence H01K1/56characterised by the material of the getter H01K1/58Cooling arrangements H01K1/60Means structurally associated with the lamp for indicating defects or previous use H01K1/62One or more circuit elements structurally associated with the lamp H01K1/625Flashing incandescent lamps H01K1/64with built-in switch H01K1/66with built-in fuse H01K1/68with built-in spark gap H01K1/70with built-in short-circuiting device