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  • H01C1/00
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H01C1/01Mounting Supporting H01C1/012the base extending along and imparting rigidity or reinforcement to the resistive element H01C1/014the resistor being suspended between and being supported by two supporting sections H01C1/016with compensation for resistor expansion or contraction H01C1/02Housing Enclosing Embedding Filling the housing or enclosure H01C1/022the housing or enclosure being openable or separable from the resistive element H01C1/024the housing or enclosure being hermetically sealed H01C1/026with gaseous or vacuum spacing between the resistive element and the housing or casing H01C1/028the resistive element being embedded in insulation with outer enclosing sheath H01C1/03with powdered insulation H01C1/032plural layers surrounding the resistive element H01C1/034the housing or enclosure being formed as coating or mold without outer sheath H01C1/036on wound resistive element H01C1/04Arrangements of distinguishing marks H01C1/06Electrostatic or electromagnetic shielding arrangements H01C1/08Cooling, heating or ventilating arrangements H01C1/082using forced fluid flow H01C1/084using self-cooling H01C1/12Arrangements of current collectors H01C1/125of fluid contacts H01C1/14Terminals or tapping points or electrodes specially adapted for resistors Arrangements of terminals or tapping points or electrodes on resistors H01C1/1406Terminals or electrodes formed on resistive elements having positive temperature coefficient H01C1/1413Terminals or electrodes formed on resistive elements having negative temperature coefficient H01C1/142the terminals or tapping points being coated on the resistive element H01C1/144the terminals or tapping points being welded or soldered H01C1/146the resistive element surrounding the terminal H01C1/148the terminals embracing or surrounding the resistive element H01C1/16Resistor networks not otherwise provided for