Devices in which the computing operation is performed by varying electric or magnetic quantities


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  • G06G7/00
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Sub Industries

G06G7/02Details not covered by G06G7/04 - G06G7/10 G06G7/04input or output devices G06G7/06Programming arrangements G06G7/10Power supply arrangements G06G7/12Arrangements for performing computing operations G06G7/122for optimisation G06G7/14for addition or subtraction G06G7/16for multiplication or division G06G7/161with pulse modulation G06G7/162using galvano- magnetic effects G06G7/163using a variable impedance controlled by one of the input signals, variable amplification or transfer function G06G7/164using means for evaluating powers G06G7/18for integration or differentiation for forming integrals G06G7/1806with respect to a variable other than time G06G7/1813using electrochemical elements G06G7/182using magnetic elements G06G7/184using capacitative elements G06G7/186using an operational amplifier comprising a capacitor or a resistor in the feedback loop G06G7/1865with initial condition setting G06G7/188using electromechanical elements G06G7/19for forming integrals of products G06G7/1907using charge transfer devices G06G7/1914using a magnetic medium, a linear filter G06G7/1921for forming Fourier integrals, harmonic analysis and synthesis G06G7/1928for forming correlation integrals; for forming convolution integrals G06G7/1935by converting at least one the input signals into a two level signal G06G7/1942for forming other integrals of product G06G7/195using electro- acoustic elements G06G7/20for evaluating powers, roots, polynomes, mean square values, standard deviation G06G7/22for evaluating trigonometric functions for conversion of co-ordinates for computations involving vector quantities G06G7/24for evaluating logarithmic or exponential functions G06G7/25for discontinuous functions G06G7/26Arbitrary function generators G06G7/28for synthesising functions by piece-wise approximation G06G7/30for interpolation or extrapolation G06G7/32for solving of equations or inequations; for matrices G06G7/34of simultaneous equations G06G7/36of single equations of quadratic or higher degree G06G7/38of differential or integral equations G06G7/40of partial differential equations of field or wave equations G06G7/42using electrolytic tank G06G7/44using continuous medium, current-sensitive paper G06G7/46using discontinuous medium G06G7/48Analogue computers for specific processes, systems or devices G06G7/485for determining the trajectory of particles G06G7/50for distribution networks G06G7/52for economic systems for statistics G06G7/54for nuclear physics G06G7/56for heat flow G06G7/57for fluid flow; for distribution networks G06G7/58for chemical processes; for physico-chemical processes; for metallurgical processes G06G7/60for living beings G06G7/62for electric systems or apparatus G06G7/625for filters for delay lines G06G7/63for power apparatus G06G7/635for determining the most economical distribution in power systems G06G7/64for non-electric machines G06G7/66for control systems G06G7/68for civil engineering structures G06G7/70for vehicles G06G7/72Flight simulator G06G7/75for component analysis G06G7/76for traffic G06G7/78for direction-finding, locating, distance or velocity measuring, or navigation systems G06G7/80for gunlaying for bomb aiming for guiding missiles