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H01M4/02Electrodes composed of or comprising active material H01M4/04Processes of manufacture in general H01M4/0402Methods of deposition of the material H01M4/0404by coating on electrode collectors H01M4/0407by coating on an electrolyte layer H01M4/0409by a doctor blade method, slip-casting or roller coating H01M4/0411by extrusion H01M4/0414by screen printing H01M4/0416involving impregnation with a solution, dispersion, paste or dry powder H01M4/0419involving spraying H01M4/0421involving vapour deposition H01M4/0423Physical vapour deposition H01M4/0426Sputtering H01M4/0428Chemical vapour deposition H01M4/043involving compressing or compaction H01M4/0433Molding H01M4/0435Rolling or calendering H01M4/0438by electrochemical processing H01M4/044Activating, forming or electrochemical attack of the supporting material H01M4/0442Anodisation, Oxidation H01M4/0445Forming after manufacture of the electrode H01M4/0447of complete cells or cells stacks H01M4/045Electrochemical coating; Electrochemical impregnation H01M4/0452from solutions H01M4/0454from melts H01M4/0457from dispersions or suspensions; Electrophoresis H01M4/0459Electrochemical doping, intercalation, occlusion or alloying H01M4/0461Electrochemical alloying H01M4/0464Electro organic synthesis H01M4/0466Electrochemical polymerisation H01M4/0469Electroforming a self-supporting electrode; Electroforming of powdered electrode material H01M4/0471involving thermal treatment H01M4/0473Filling tube-or pockets type electrodes; Applying active mass in cup-shaped terminals H01M4/0476with molten material H01M4/0478with dispersions, suspensions or pastes H01M4/048with dry powder H01M4/0483by methods including the handling of a melt H01M4/0485Casting H01M4/0488Alloying H01M4/049Manufacturing of an active layer by chemical means H01M4/0492Chemical attack of the support material H01M4/0495Chemical alloying H01M4/0497Chemical precipitation H01M4/06Electrodes for primary cells H01M4/08Processes of manufacture H01M4/10of pressed electrodes with central core H01M4/12of consumable metal or alloy electrodes H01M4/13Electrodes for accumulators with non-aqueous electrolyte H01M4/131Electrodes based on mixed oxides or hydroxides, or on mixtures of oxides or hydroxides H01M4/1315containing halogen atoms H01M4/133Electrodes based on carbonaceous material H01M4/134Electrodes based on metals, Si or alloys H01M4/136Electrodes based on inorganic compounds other than oxides or hydroxides H01M4/137Electrodes based on electro-active polymers H01M4/139Processes of manufacture H01M4/1391of electrodes based on mixed oxides or hydroxides, or on mixtures of oxides or hydroxides H01M4/13915containing halogen atoms H01M4/1393of electrodes based on carbonaceous material H01M4/1395of electrodes based on metals, Si or alloys H01M4/1397of electrodes based on inorganic compounds other than oxides or hydroxides H01M4/1399of electrodes based on electro-active polymers H01M4/14Electrodes for lead-acid accumulators H01M4/16Processes of manufacture H01M4/18of Plantè electrodes H01M4/20of pasted electrodes H01M4/21Drying of pasted electrodes H01M4/22Forming of electrodes H01M4/23Drying or preserving electrodes after forming H01M4/24Electrodes for alkaline accumulators H01M4/242Hydrogen storage electrodes H01M4/244Zinc electrodes H01M4/246Cadmium electrodes H01M4/248Iron electrodes H01M4/26Processes of manufacture H01M4/28Precipitating active material on the carrier H01M4/29by electrochemical methods H01M4/30Pressing H01M4/32Nickel oxide or hydroxide electrodes H01M4/34Silver oxide or hydroxide electrodes H01M4/36Selection of substances as active materials, active masses, active liquids H01M4/362Composites H01M4/364as mixtures H01M4/366as layered products H01M4/368Liquid depolarisers H01M4/38of elements or alloys H01M4/381Alkaline or alkaline earth metals elements H01M4/382Lithium H01M4/383Hydrogen absorbing alloys H01M4/385of the type LaNi5 H01M4/386Silicon or alloys based on silicon H01M4/387Tin or alloys based on tin H01M4/388Halogens H01M4/40Alloys based on alkali metals H01M4/405Alloys based on lithium H01M4/42Alloys based on zinc H01M4/44Alloys based on cadmium H01M4/46Alloys based on magnesium or aluminium H01M4/463Aluminium based H01M4/466Magnesium based H01M4/48of inorganic oxides or hydroxides H01M4/481of mercury H01M4/483for non-aqueous cells H01M4/485of mixed oxides or hydroxides for inserting or intercalating light metals H01M4/50of manganese H01M4/502for non-aqueous cells H01M4/505of mixed oxides or hydroxides containing manganese for inserting or intercalating light metals H01M4/52of nickel, cobalt or iron H01M4/521of iron for aqueous cells H01M4/523for non-aqueous cells H01M4/525of mixed oxides or hydroxides containing iron, cobalt or nickel for inserting or intercalating light metals H01M4/54of silver H01M4/56of lead H01M4/57of "Grey lead" H01M4/58of inorganic compounds other than oxides or hydroxides H01M4/5805Phosphides H01M4/581Chalcogenides or intercalation compounds thereof H01M4/5815Sulfides H01M4/582Halogenides H01M4/5825Oxygenated metallic slats or polyanionic structures H01M4/583Carbonaceous material H01M4/5835Comprising fluorine or fluoride salts H01M4/587for inserting or intercalating light metals H01M4/60of organic compounds H01M4/602Polymers H01M4/604containing aliphatic main chain polymers H01M4/606containing aromatic main chain polymers H01M4/608containing heterocyclic rings H01M4/62Selection of inactive substances as ingredients for active masses H01M4/621Binders H01M4/622being polymers H01M4/623fluorinated polymers H01M4/624Electric conductive fillers H01M4/625Carbon or graphite H01M4/626Metals H01M4/627Expanders for lead-acid accumulators H01M4/628Inhibitors H01M4/64Carriers or collectors H01M4/66Selection of materials H01M4/661Metal or alloys H01M4/662Alloys H01M4/663containing carbon or carbonaceous materials as conductive part H01M4/664Ceramic materials H01M4/665Composites H01M4/666in the form of mixed materials H01M4/667in the form of layers H01M4/668Composites of electroconductive material and synthetic resins H01M4/669Steels H01M4/68for use in lead-acid accumulators H01M4/685Lead alloys H01M4/70characterised by shape or form H01M4/72Grids H01M4/73for lead-acid accumulators H01M4/74Meshes or woven material Expanded metal H01M4/742perforated material H01M4/745Expanded metal H01M4/747Woven material H01M4/75Wires, rods or strips H01M4/76Containers for holding the active material H01M4/762Porous or perforated metallic containers H01M4/765Tubular type or pencil type electrodes; tubular or multitubular sheaths or covers of insulating material for said tubular-type electrodes H01M4/767Multitubular sheaths or covers H01M4/78Shapes other than plane or cylindrical H01M4/80Porous plates H01M4/801Sintered carriers H01M4/803of only powdered material H01M4/805of powdered and fibrous material H01M4/806Nonwoven fibrous fabric containing only fibres H01M4/808Foamed, spongy materials H01M4/82Multi-step processes for manufacturing carriers for lead-acid accumulators H01M4/84involving casting H01M4/86Inert electrodes with catalytic activity H01M4/8605Porous electrodes H01M4/861with a gradient in the porosity H01M4/8615Bifunctional electrodes for rechargeable cells H01M4/8621containing only metallic or ceramic material H01M4/8626characterised by the form H01M4/8631Bipolar electrodes H01M4/8636with a gradient in another property than porosity H01M4/8642Gradient in composition H01M4/8647consisting of more than one material H01M4/8652as mixture H01M4/8657layered H01M4/8663Selection of inactive substances as ingredients for catalytic active masses H01M4/8668Binders H01M4/8673Electrically conductive fillers H01M4/88Processes of manufacture H01M4/8803Supports for the deposition of the catalytic active composition H01M4/8807Gas diffusion layers H01M4/881Electrolytic membranes H01M4/8814Temporary supports H01M4/8817Treatment of supports before application of the catalytic active composition H01M4/8821Wet proofing H01M4/8825Methods for deposition of the catalytic active composition H01M4/8828Coating with slurry or ink H01M4/8832Ink jet printing H01M4/8835Screen printing H01M4/8839Painting H01M4/8842Coating using a catalyst salt precursor in solution followed by evaporation and reduction of the precursor H01M4/8846Impregnation H01M4/885followed by reduction of the catalyst salt precursor H01M4/8853Electrodeposition H01M4/8857Casting H01M4/886Powder spraying H01M4/8864Extrusion H01M4/8867Vapour deposition H01M4/8871Sputtering H01M4/8875Methods for shaping the electrode into free-standing bodies, like sheets, films or grids H01M4/8878Treatment steps after deposition of the catalytic active composition or after shaping of the electrode being free-standing body H01M4/8882Heat treatment H01M4/8885Sintering or firing H01M4/8889Cosintering or cofiring of a catalytic active layer with another type of layer H01M4/8892Impregnation or coating of the catalyst layer H01M4/8896Pressing, rolling, calendering H01M4/90Selection of catalytic material H01M4/9008Organic or organo-metallic compounds H01M4/9016Oxides, hydroxides or oxygenated metallic salts H01M4/9025Oxides specially used in fuel cell operating at high temperature H01M4/9033Complex oxides, optionally doped, of the typeM1MeO3, M1 being an alkaline earth metal or a rare earth, Me being a metal H01M4/9041Metals or alloys H01M4/905specially used in fuel cell operating at high temperature H01M4/9058of noble metals or noble-metal based alloys H01M4/9066of metal-ceramic composites or mixtures H01M4/9075Catalytic material supported on carriers H01M4/9083on carbon or graphite H01M4/9091Unsupported catalytic particles; loose particulate catalytic materials H01M4/92Metals of platinum group H01M4/921Alloys or mixtures with metallic elements H01M4/923Compounds thereof with non-metallic elements H01M4/925supported on carriers H01M4/926on carbon or graphite H01M4/928Unsupported catalytic particles; loose particulate catalytic materials H01M4/94Non-porous diffusion electrodes H01M4/96Carbon-based electrodes H01M4/98Raney-type electrodes