Electrolytic capacitors, rectifiers, detectors, switching devices, light-sensitive or temperature-sensitive devices Processes of their manufacture


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  • H01G9/00
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Sub Industries

H01G9/0003Protection against electric or thermal overload; cooling arrangements; means for avoiding the formation of cathode films H01G9/0029Processes of manufacture H01G9/0032formation of the dielectric layer H01G9/0036Formation of the solid electrolyte layer H01G9/004Details H01G9/008Terminals H01G9/012specially adapted for solid capacitors H01G9/016specially adapted for double-layer capacitors H01G9/02Diaphragms Separators H01G9/022Electrolytes, absorbents H01G9/025Solid electrolytes H01G9/028Organic semiconducting electrolytes H01G9/032Inorganic semiconducting electrolytes H01G9/035Liquid electrolytes H01G9/038Electrolytes specially adapted for double-layer capacitors H01G9/04Electrodes or formation of dielectric layers thereon H01G9/042characterised by the material H01G9/0425specially adapted for cathode H01G9/045based on aluminium H01G9/048characterised by their structure H01G9/052Sintered electrodes H01G9/0525Powder therefor H01G9/055Etched foil electrodes H01G9/058specially adapted for double-layer capacitors H01G9/06Mounting in containers H01G9/07Dielectric layers H01G9/08Housing Encapsulation H01G9/10Sealing H01G9/12Vents or other means allowing expansion H01G9/14Structural combinations or circuits for modifying, or compensating for, electric characteristics of electrolytic capacitors H01G9/145Liquid electrolytic capacitors H01G9/15Solid electrolytic capacitors H01G9/151with wound foil electrodes H01G9/153Skin fibre H01G9/155Double-layer capacitors H01G9/16specially for use as rectifiers or detectors H01G9/18Self-interrupters H01G9/20Light-sensitive devices H01G9/2004characterised by the electrolyte H01G9/2009Solid electrolytes H01G9/2013the electrolyte comprising ionic liquids H01G9/2018characterised by the ionic charge transport species H01G9/2022characterized by he counter electrode H01G9/2027comprising an oxide semiconductor electrode H01G9/2031comprising titanium oxide H01G9/2036comprising mixed oxides H01G9/204comprising zinc oxides H01G9/2045comprising a semiconductor electrode comprising elements of the fourth group of the Periodic System (C, Si, Ge, Sn, Pb) with or without impurities H01G9/205comprising a semiconductor electrode comprising AIII-BV compounds with or without impurities H01G9/2054comprising a semiconductor electrode comprising AII-BVI compounds, e.g. CdTe, CdSe, ZnTe, ZnSe, with or without impurities H01G9/2059comprising an organic dye as the active light absorbing material H01G9/2063comprising a mixture of two or more dyes H01G9/2068Panels or arrays of photoelectrochemical cells H01G9/2072comprising two or more photoelectrodes sensible to different parts of the solar spectrum H01G9/2077Sealing arrangements H01G9/2081Serial interconnection of cells H01G9/2086Photoelectrochemical cells in the form of a fiber H01G9/209Light trapping arrangements H01G9/2095comprising a flexible sustrate H01G9/21Temperature-sensitive devices H01G9/22Devices using combined reduction and oxidation H01G9/26Structural combinations of electrolytic capacitors, rectifiers, detectors, switching devices, light-sensitive or temperature-sensitive devices with each other H01G9/28Structural combinations of electrolytic capacitors, rectifiers, detectors, switching devices with other electric components not covered by this subclass