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B01D1/0005Evaporating devices suitable for floating on water B01D1/0011Heating features B01D1/0017Use of electrical or wave energy B01D1/0023Induction heating B01D1/0029Use of radiation B01D1/0035Solar energy B01D1/0041Use of fluids B01D1/0047in a closed circuit B01D1/0052Use of a liquid transfer medium or intermediate fluid B01D1/0058Use of waste energy from other processes or sources B01D1/0064Feeding of liquid into an evaporator B01D1/007the liquid feed being split up in at least two streams before entering the evaporator B01D1/0076Maintaining the liquid in the evaporator at a constant level B01D1/0082Regulation; Control B01D1/0088Cascade evaporators B01D1/0094with forced circulation B01D1/02Evaporators with heating coils B01D1/04Evaporators with horizontal tubes B01D1/06Evaporators with vertical tubes B01D1/065by film evaporating B01D1/08with short tubes B01D1/10with long tubes B01D1/12and forced circulation B01D1/14with heated gases or vapours or liquids in contact with the liquid B01D1/16by spraying B01D1/18to obtain dry solids B01D1/20Sprayers B01D1/22by bringing a thin layer of the liquid into contact with a heated surface B01D1/221Composite plate evaporators B01D1/222In rotating vessels; vessels with movable parts B01D1/223containing a rotor B01D1/225with blades or scrapers B01D1/226in the form of a screw or with helical blade members B01D1/227with brushes B01D1/228horizontally placed cylindrical container or drum B01D1/24to obtain dry solids B01D1/26Multiple-effect evaporating B01D1/28with vapour compression B01D1/2803Special features relating to the vapour to be compressed B01D1/2806The vapour is divided in at least two streams and only a part of the vapour is compressed B01D1/2809At least two streams are compressed B01D1/2812The vapour is coming from different sources B01D1/2815At least one source is a compressor B01D1/2818Cleaning of the vapour before compression B01D1/2821B2+B2B B01D1/2825B2+B4 B01D1/2828B2+B4B B01D1/2831B2B+B4 B01D1/2834B2B+B4B B01D1/2837B4+B4B B01D1/284Special features relating to the compressed vapour B01D1/2843The compressed vapour is divided in at least two streams B01D1/2846The compressed vapour is not directed to the same apparatus from which the vapour was taken off B01D1/285In combination with vapour from an other source B01D1/2853At least one of the other sources is a compressor, ejector B01D1/2856The compressed vapour is used for heating a reboiler or a heat exchanger outside an evaporator B01D1/2859D2+D4 B01D1/2862D2+D4+D6 B01D1/2865D2+D4+D6B B01D1/2868D2+D6 B01D1/2871D2+D6B B01D1/2875D4+D6 B01D1/2878D4+D6B B01D1/2881Compression specifications ( B01D1/2884Multiple effect compression B01D1/2887The compressor is integrated in the evaporation apparatus B01D1/289Compressor features ( B01D1/2893Driving systems B01D1/2896Control, regulation B01D1/30Accessories for evaporators; Constructional details thereof B01D1/305Demister (vapour-liquid separation)