Filtering material for liquid or gaseous fluids


  • CPC
  • B01D39/00
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Sub Industries

B01D39/02Loose filtering material B01D39/04Organic material B01D39/06Inorganic material B01D39/08Filter cloth B01D39/083of organic material B01D39/086of inorganic material B01D39/10Filter screens essentially made of metal B01D39/12of wire gauze of knitted wire of expanded metal B01D39/14Other self-supporting filtering material; Other filtering material B01D39/16of organic material B01D39/1607the material being fibrous B01D39/1615of natural origin B01D39/1623of synthetic origin B01D39/163sintered or bonded B01D39/1638the material being particulate B01D39/1646of natural origin B01D39/1653of synthetic origin B01D39/1661sintered or bonded B01D39/1669Cellular material B01D39/1676of synthetic origin B01D39/1684Wound filtering material B01D39/1692Other shaped material B01D39/18the material being cellulose or derivatives thereof B01D39/20of inorganic material B01D39/2003Glass or glassy material B01D39/2006the material being particulate B01D39/201sintered or bonded by inorganic agents B01D39/2013otherwise bonded B01D39/2017the material being filamentary or fibrous B01D39/202sintered or bonded by inorganic agents B01D39/2024otherwise bonded B01D39/2027Metallic material B01D39/2031the material being particulate B01D39/2034sintered or bonded by inorganic agents B01D39/2037otherwise bonded B01D39/2041the material being filamentary or fibrous B01D39/2044sintered or bonded by inorganic agents B01D39/2048otherwise bonded B01D39/2051Metallic foam B01D39/2055Carbonaceous material B01D39/2058the material being particulate B01D39/2062Bonded B01D39/2065the material being fibrous B01D39/2068Other inorganic materials B01D39/2072the material being particulate or granular B01D39/2075sintered or bonded by inorganic agents B01D39/2079otherwise bonded B01D39/2082the material being filamentary or fibrous B01D39/2086sintered or bonded by inorganic agents B01D39/2089otherwise bonded B01D39/2093Ceramic foam B01D39/2096Wound materials