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  • B01D46/00
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B01D46/0001Making filtering elements B01D46/0002Casings; Housings; Frame constructions B01D46/0004Details of removable closures, lids, caps or filter heads B01D46/0005Mounting of filtering elements within casings, housings or frames B01D46/0006Filter elements or cartridges installed in a drawer-like manner B01D46/0008Two or more filter elements not fluidly connected positioned in the same housing B01D46/0009Tray-like arrangements of filters in a vessel B01D46/001Means for connecting filter housings to supports B01D46/0012In-line filters B01D46/0013Modules B01D46/0015Throw-away type filters B01D46/0016Folded frame or housing constructions B01D46/0017Filter elements installed in a branch of a pipe B01D46/0019with multiple filtering elements, characterised by their mutual disposition B01D46/002connected in parallel B01D46/0021arranged concentrically or coaxially B01D46/0023connected in series B01D46/0024arranged concentrically or coaxially B01D46/0026Protecting screens at filter inlet or outlet B01D46/0027with additional separating or treating functions B01D46/0028provided with antibacterial or antifungal means B01D46/003including coalescing means for the separation of liquid B01D46/0031with collecting, draining means B01D46/0032using electrostatic forces to remove particles B01D46/0034using magnetic forces to remove particles B01D46/0035by wetting B01D46/0036by adsorption or absorption B01D46/0038with means for influencing the odor B01D46/0039with flow guiding by feed or discharge devices B01D46/0041for feeding B01D46/0042Use of the inlet flow in order to clean the filter surface B01D46/0043containing fixed gas displacement elements or cores B01D46/0045by using vanes B01D46/0046provoking a tangential stream B01D46/0047for discharging the filtered gas B01D46/0049containing fixed gas displacement elements or cores B01D46/005Crossflow filtration B01D46/0052with filtering elements moving during filtering operation B01D46/0053with vibrating filtering elements B01D46/0054with translational movement B01D46/0056with rotational movement B01D46/0057Regenerating the filter material in the filter B01D46/0058Devices for taking out of action one or more units of multi-unit filters B01D46/006Chemical processes for the removal of the retained particles B01D46/0061making use of catalysts B01D46/0063by heating only B01D46/0064by means of acting on the cake side and moving with respect to the filtering elements B01D46/0065by scrapers, brushes, nozzles or the like B01D46/0067by acting counter-currently on the filtering surface ( B01D46/0068with pressurised gas B01D46/0069Using pressurized gas at supersonic velocities B01D46/0071with backwash arms, shoes or nozzles B01D46/0072by forces created by movement of the filter element B01D46/0073involving contrifugal forces B01D46/0075involving vibrations or shaking B01D46/0076involving sonic or ultrasonic waves B01D46/0078by electrical means B01D46/0079by other means not moving with respect to the filtering elements B01D46/008Replacing filter elements B01D46/0082Washing the filter inside the filter housing B01D46/0083Cleaning the filter surface by interrupting suction so that the filter cake falls by gravity B01D46/0084provided with safety means B01D46/0086Filter condition indicators B01D46/0087Bypass or safety valves B01D46/0089Anti-return means B01D46/009Identification of filter type or position thereof B01D46/0091Including arrangements for environmental or personal protection B01D46/0093against fire or explosion B01D46/0094against radiation B01D46/0095Means acting upon failure of the filtering system B01D46/0097Special means for preventing bypass around the filter B01D46/0098Protecting coverages on the filter which is removed before the filter is used, protection of filter, packaging B01D46/02Particle separators B01D46/023Pockets filters B01D46/026Means for maintaining a space between filters B01D46/04Cleaning filters B01D46/06with means keeping the working surfaces flat B01D46/08the working surfaces forming a star shape B01D46/10Particle separators, e.g. dust precipitators, using filter plates, sheets, or pads having plane surfaces B01D46/103Curved filtering elements B01D46/106Ring-shaped filtering elements B01D46/12in multiple arrangements B01D46/125V-type arrangements B01D46/14arranged in a star shape B01D46/16arranged on non-filtering conveyors or supports B01D46/18Particle separators B01D46/185Construction of filtering belts or supporting belts including devices for centering, mounting or sealing thereof B01D46/20the belts combined with drums B01D46/22the belts travelling during filtering B01D46/24Particle separators B01D46/2403characterised by the physical shape or structure of the filtering element B01D46/2407Filter candles B01D46/2411Filter cartridges B01D46/2414End caps including additional functions or special forms B01D46/2418Honeycomb filters B01D46/2422Mounting of the body within a housing B01D46/2425characterized by parameters related to the physical properties of the honeycomb structure material B01D46/2429of the honeycomb walls or cells B01D46/244of the plugs B01D46/2444of the outer peripheral sealing B01D46/2448of the adhesive layers B01D46/2451characterized by the geometrical structure, shape, pattern or configuration or parameters related to the geometry of the structure B01D46/2455of the whole honeycomb or segments B01D46/2459of the plugs B01D46/2462the outer peripheral sealing B01D46/2466of the adhesive layers, i.e. joints between segments B01D46/247of the cells B01D46/2474of the walls along the length of the honeycomb B01D46/26rotatable B01D46/28Particle separators B01D46/30Particle separators B01D46/32the material moving during filtering B01D46/34not horizontally B01D46/36as a substantially horizontal layer B01D46/38as fluidised bed B01D46/40Particle separators, e.g. dust precipitators, using edge filters B01D46/403of helically or spirally wound bodies B01D46/406of stacked bodies B01D46/42Auxiliary equipment or operation thereof B01D46/4209Prevention of static charge B01D46/4218Influencing the heat transfer which act passively B01D46/4227Manipulating filters or filter elements B01D46/4236Reducing noise or vibration emissions B01D46/4245Means for power supply or devices using electrical power in filters or filter elements B01D46/4254Allowing or improving visual supervision B01D46/4263Means for active heating or cooling B01D46/4272Special valve constructions adapted to filters or filter elements B01D46/4281Venturi's or systems showing a venturi effect B01D46/429Means for wireless communication B01D46/44controlling filtration B01D46/442by measuring the concentration of particles B01D46/444by flow measuring B01D46/446by pressure measuring B01D46/448by temperature measuring B01D46/46automatic B01D46/48Removing dust other than cleaning filters B01D46/50Means for discharging electrostatic potential B01D46/52Particle separators B01D46/521using folded, pleated material B01D46/522with specific folds B01D46/523with means for maintaining spacing between the pleats or folds B01D46/525which comprises flutes B01D46/526in stacked arrangement B01D46/527in wound arrangement B01D46/528using wound sheets B01D46/54Particle separators B01D46/543using membranes B01D46/546using nano- or microfibres