Function characteristic


  • CPC
  • G02F2203/00
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Sub Industries

G02F2203/01transmissive G02F2203/02reflective G02F2203/023total internal reflection G02F2203/026attenuated or frustated internal reflection G02F2203/03scattering G02F2203/04wavelength independent G02F2203/05wavelength dependent G02F2203/055wavelength filtering G02F2203/06Polarisation independent G02F2203/07Polarisation dependent G02F2203/09transflective G02F2203/10plasmon G02F2203/11involving infrared radiation G02F2203/12spatial light modulator G02F2203/13involving THZ radiation G02F2203/15involving resonance effects G02F2203/16involving spin polarization effects G02F2203/17involving soliton waves G02F2203/18adaptive optics G02F2203/19linearised modulation reduction of harmonic distortions G02F2203/20Intrinsic phase difference G02F2203/21Thermal instability G02F2203/22diffractive G02F2203/24beam steering G02F2203/25Frequency chirping of an optical modulator Arrangements or methods for the pre-set or tuning thereof G02F2203/255Negative chirp G02F2203/26Pulse shaping Apparatus or methods therefor G02F2203/28focussing or defocussing G02F2203/30Gray scale G02F2203/34Colour display without the use of colour mosaic filters G02F2203/48Variable attenuator G02F2203/50Phase-only modulation G02F2203/52Optical limiters G02F2203/54Optical pulse train (comb) synthesizer G02F2203/56Frequency comb synthesizer G02F2203/58Multi-wavelength G02F2203/585Add/drop devices G02F2203/60Temperature independent G02F2203/62Switchable arrangements whereby the element being usually not switchable G02F2203/64Normally black display G02F2203/66Normally white display G02F2203/68Green display G02F2203/69Arrangements or methods for testing or calibrating a device G02F2203/70Semiconductor optical amplifier [SOA] used in a device covered by G02F