Further aspects of brake control systems not otherwise provided for


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  • B60T2270/00
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Sub Industries

B60T2270/10ABS control systems B60T2270/12for all-wheel drive vehicles B60T2270/14hydraulic model B60T2270/20ASR control systems B60T2270/202for all-wheel drive vehicles B60T2270/203hydraulic system components B60T2270/204hydraulic model B60T2270/206Monitoring B60T2270/208adapted to friction condition B60T2270/211Setting or adjusting start-control threshold B60T2270/213Driving off under Mu-split conditions B60T2270/30ESP control system B60T2270/302for all-wheel drive vehicles B60T2270/303Stability control with active acceleration B60T2270/304during driver brake actuation B60T2270/306hydraulic system components B60T2270/308hydraulic model B60T2270/311Predefined control maps, lookup tables B60T2270/313with less than three sensors (yaw rate, steering angle, lateral acceleration) B60T2270/40Failsafe aspects of brake control systems B60T2270/402Back-up B60T2270/403Brake circuit failure B60T2270/404Brake-by-wire or X-by-wire failsafe B60T2270/406Test-mode Self-diagnosis B60T2270/408Hierarchical failure detection B60T2270/411Offset failure B60T2270/413Plausibility monitoring, cross check, redundancy B60T2270/414Power supply failure B60T2270/415Short-circuit, open circuit failure B60T2270/416Wheel speed sensor failure B60T2270/60Regenerative braking B60T2270/602ABS features related thereto B60T2270/603ASR features related thereto B60T2270/604Merging friction therewith Adjusting their repartition B60T2270/606Axle differential or center differential features related thereto B60T2270/608Electronic brake distribution (EBV/EBD) features related thereto B60T2270/611Engine braking features related thereto B60T2270/613ESP features related thereto B60T2270/82Brake-by-Wire, EHB B60T2270/83Control features of electronic wedge brake [EWB] B60T2270/84Driver circuits for actuating motor, valve and the like B60T2270/86Optimizing braking by using ESP vehicle or tire model B60T2270/88Pressure measurement in brake systems B60T2270/89Criteria for brake release