Glass compositions


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  • C03C3/00
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Sub Industries

C03C3/04containing silica C03C3/045Silicon oxycarbide, oxynitride or oxycarbonitride glasses C03C3/06with more than 90% silica by weight C03C3/061by leaching a soluble phase and consolidating C03C3/062with less than 40% silica by weight C03C3/064containing boron C03C3/066containing zinc C03C3/068containing rare earths C03C3/07containing lead C03C3/072containing boron C03C3/074containing zinc C03C3/0745containing more than 50% lead oxide, by weight C03C3/076with 40% to 90% silica, by weight C03C3/078containing an oxide of a divalent metal C03C3/083containing aluminium oxide or an iron compound C03C3/085containing an oxide of a divalent metal C03C3/087containing calcium oxide C03C3/089containing boron C03C3/091containing aluminium C03C3/093containing zinc or zirconium C03C3/095containing rare earths C03C3/097containing phosphorus, niobium or tantalum C03C3/102containing lead C03C3/105containing aluminium C03C3/108containing boron C03C3/11containing halogen or nitrogen C03C3/111containing nitrogen C03C3/112containing fluorine C03C3/115containing boron C03C3/118containing aluminium C03C3/12Silica-free oxide glass compositions C03C3/122containing oxides of As, Sb, Bi, Mo, W, V, Te as glass formers C03C3/125containing aluminium as glass former C03C3/127containing TiO2 as glass former C03C3/14containing boron C03C3/142containing lead C03C3/145containing aluminium or beryllium C03C3/15containing rare earths C03C3/155containing zirconium, titanium, tantalum or niobium C03C3/16containing phosphorus C03C3/17containing aluminium or beryllium C03C3/19containing boron C03C3/21containing titanium, zirconium, vanadium, tungsten or molybdenum C03C3/23containing halogen and at least one oxide C03C3/247containing fluorine and phosphorus C03C3/253containing germanium C03C3/32Non-oxide glass compositions C03C3/321Chalcogenide glasses C03C3/323containing halogen C03C3/325Fluoride glasses C03C3/326containing beryllium C03C3/328Nitride glasses