Head arrangements not specific to the method of recording or reproducing


  • CPC
  • G11B21/00
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Sub Industries

G11B21/003Disposition of fixed heads G11B21/006for track following G11B21/02Driving or moving of heads G11B21/022Programmed access in sequence to indexed parts of operating record carriers G11B21/025of rotating discs G11B21/027of tapes G11B21/03for correcting time base error during transducing operation, by driving or moving the head in a direction more or less parallel to the direction of travel of the recording medium G11B21/04Automatic feed mechanism producing a progressive transducing traverse of the head in a direction which cuts across the direction of travel of the recording medium G11B21/043for stationary discs G11B21/046details of the feed mechanism G11B21/06the record carrier having mechanical means to ensure traverse movement of the head G11B21/08Track changing or selecting during transducing operation G11B21/081Access to indexed tracks or parts of continuous track G11B21/083on discs G11B21/085with track following of accessed part G11B21/086on tapes G11B21/088with track following of accessed part G11B21/10Track finding or aligning by moving the head Provisions for maintaining alignment of the head relative to the track during transducing operation G11B21/103on tapes G11B21/106on disks G11B21/12Raising and lowering Back-spacing or forward-spacing along track Returning to starting position otherwise than during transducing operation G11B21/14manually G11B21/16Supporting the heads Supporting the sockets for plug-in heads G11B21/18while the head is moving G11B21/20while the head is in operative position but stationary or permitting minor movements to follow irregularities in surface of record carrier G11B21/21with provision for maintaining desired spacing of head from record carrier G11B21/22while the head is out of operative position G11B21/24Head support adjustments G11B21/26Means for interchange or replacement of head or head element