Hybrid capacitors


  • CPC
  • H01G11/00
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Current Industry

Sub Industries

H01G11/02using combined reduction-oxidation reactions H01G11/04Hybrid capacitors H01G11/06with one of the electrodes allowing ions or anions to be reversibly doped thereinto H01G11/08Structural combinations H01G11/10Multiple hybrid or EDL capacitors H01G11/12Stacked hybrid or EDL capacitors H01G11/14Arrangements or processes for adjusting or protecting hybrid or EDL capacitors H01G11/16against electric overloads H01G11/18against thermal overloads H01G11/20Reformation or processes for removal of impurities H01G11/22Electrodes H01G11/24characterised by structural features H01G11/26characterised by the structures of the electrodes H01G11/28arranged or disposed on a current collector Layers or phases between electrodes and current collectors H01G11/30characterised by their materials H01G11/32Carbon-based H01G11/34characterised by carbonisation or activation of carbon H01G11/36Nanostructures H01G11/38Carbon pastes or blends Binders or additives therein H01G11/40Fibres H01G11/42Powders or particles H01G11/44Raw materials therefor H01G11/46Metal oxides H01G11/48Conductive polymers H01G11/50specially adapted for lithium-ion capacitors H01G11/52Separators H01G11/54Electrolytes H01G11/56Solid electrolytes H01G11/58Liquid electrolytes H01G11/60characterised by the solvent H01G11/62characterised by the solute H01G11/64characterised by additives H01G11/66Current collectors H01G11/68characterised by their materials H01G11/70characterised by their structures H01G11/72specially adapted for integration in multiple or stacked hybrid or EDL capacitors H01G11/74Terminals H01G11/76specially adapted for integration in multiple or stacked hybrid or EDL capacitors H01G11/78Cases Housings Encapsulations Mountings H01G11/80Gaskets Sealings H01G11/82Fixing or assembling a capacitive element in a housing H01G11/84Processes for the manufacture of hybrid or EDL capacitors, or components thereof H01G11/86specially adapted for electrodes