Indexing codes for automatically adjustable headlamps or automatically dimmable headlamps


  • CPC
  • B60Q2300/00
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Sub Industries

B60Q2300/05Special features for controlling or switching of the light beam B60Q2300/052Switching delay B60Q2300/054Variable non-standard intensity, i.e. emission of various beam intensities different from standard intensities B60Q2300/056Special anti-blinding beams B60Q2300/10Indexing codes relating to particular vehicle conditions B60Q2300/11Linear movements of the vehicle B60Q2300/112Vehicle speed B60Q2300/114Vehicle acceleration or deceleration B60Q2300/116Vehicle at a stop B60Q2300/12Steering parameters B60Q2300/122Steering angle B60Q2300/124Steering speed B60Q2300/126Hysteresis behavior based on steering B60Q2300/128Steering dead zone B60Q2300/13Attitude of the vehicle body B60Q2300/132Pitch B60Q2300/134Yaw B60Q2300/136Roll B60Q2300/14Other vehicle conditions B60Q2300/142Turn signal actuation B60Q2300/144Rearward ratio actuation B60Q2300/146Abnormalities B60Q2300/20Indexing codes relating to the driver or the passengers B60Q2300/21Manual control B60Q2300/22Seat occupation B60Q2300/23Driver's line of sight B60Q2300/30Indexing codes relating to the vehicle environment B60Q2300/305Calendar date or clock time B60Q2300/31Atmospheric conditions B60Q2300/312Adverse weather B60Q2300/314Ambient light B60Q2300/32Road surface or travel path B60Q2300/322Road curvature B60Q2300/324Road inclination B60Q2300/33Driving situation B60Q2300/331characterised by the driving side B60Q2300/332on city roads B60Q2300/3321Detection of streetlights B60Q2300/333on suburban or country roads B60Q2300/334on motorways B60Q2300/335Number or size of road lanes B60Q2300/336Crossings B60Q2300/337Tunnels or bridges B60Q2300/338Overtaking B60Q2300/40Indexing codes relating to other road users or special conditions B60Q2300/41preceding vehicle B60Q2300/42oncoming vehicle B60Q2300/43following vehicle B60Q2300/45Special conditions B60Q2300/47Direct command from other road users