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A61M15/0001Details of inhalators; Constructional features thereof A61M15/0003with means for dispensing more than one drug A61M15/0005with means for agitating the medicament A61M15/0006using rotating means A61M15/0008rotating by airflow A61M15/001using ultrasonic means A61M15/0011with microcapsules A61M15/0013with inhalation check valves A61M15/0015located upstream of the dispenser A61M15/0016located downstream of the dispenser A61M15/0018with exhalation check valves A61M15/002with air flow regulating means A61M15/0021Mouthpieces therefor A61M15/0023retractable A61M15/0025with caps A61M15/0026Hinged caps A61M15/0028using prepacked dosages, one for each application A61M15/003using capsules A61M15/0031by bursting or breaking the package A61M15/0033Details of the piercing or cutting means A61M15/0035Piercing means A61M15/0036hollow piercing means A61M15/0038Cutting means A61M15/004with fixed piercing or cutting means A61M15/0041with movable piercing or cutting means A61M15/0043Non-destructive separation of the package A61M15/0045using multiple prepacked dosages on a same carrier A61M15/0046characterized by the type of carrier A61M15/0048the dosages being arranged in a plane A61M15/005the dosages being arranged on a cylindrical surface A61M15/0051the dosages being arranged on a tape A61M15/0053characterized by the type or way of disposal A61M15/0055the used dosages being coiled A61M15/0056the used dosages being crushed A61M15/0058the used dosages being cut from the carrier A61M15/006the used dosages being discarded out of the inhaler's housing A61M15/0061using pre-packed dosages having an insert inside A61M15/0063Storages for pre-packed dosages A61M15/0065Inhalators with dosage or measuring devices A61M15/0066with means for varying the dose size A61M15/0068Indicating or counting the number of dispensed doses or of remaining doses A61M15/007Mechanical counters A61M15/0071having a display or indicator A61M15/0073on a ring A61M15/0075on a disc A61M15/0076on a drum A61M15/0078on a strip A61M15/008Electronic counters A61M15/0081Locking means A61M15/0083Timers A61M15/0085using ultrasonics A61M15/0086Inhalation chambers A61M15/0088with variable volume A61M15/009using medicine packages with incorporated spraying means A61M15/0091mechanically breath-triggered A61M15/0093without arming or cocking A61M15/0095Preventing manual activation in absenceof inhalation A61M15/0096Hindering inhalation before activation of the dispenser A61M15/0098Activated by exhalation A61M15/02with activated or ionised fluids A61M15/025Bubble jet droplet ejection devices A61M15/06Inhaling appliances shaped like cigars, cigarettes or pipes A61M15/08Inhaling devices inserted into the nose A61M15/085Fixing means therefor