Installations of electric cables or lines in or on buildings, equivalent structures or vehicles


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  • H02G3/00
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Sub Industries

H02G3/02Details H02G3/03Cooling H02G3/04Protective tubings or conduits or channels or other supports H02G3/0406Details thereof H02G3/0412Heat or fire protective means H02G3/0418Covers or lids; Their fastenings H02G3/0425Plinths H02G3/0431Wall trunking H02G3/0437Channels H02G3/0443formed by wire or analogous netting H02G3/045provided with perforations or slots permitting introduction or exit of wires H02G3/0456Ladders or other supports H02G3/0462Tubings H02G3/0468Corrugated H02G3/0475formed by a succession of articulated units H02G3/0481with a circular cross-section H02G3/0487with a non-circular cross-section H02G3/0493Service poles H02G3/06Joints for connecting lengths of protective tubing or channels , to each other or to casings H02G3/0608Joints for connecting non cylindrical conduits H02G3/0616Joints for connecting tubing to casing H02G3/0625with means for preventing disengagement of conductors H02G3/0633with means urging the conductors to follow a non-straight line H02G3/0641with means distorted around the conductors H02G3/065with means biting into the conductor-insulation H02G3/0658with means constricting the conductor-insulation H02G3/0666with means clamping the armour of the conductor H02G3/0675with bolts operating in a direction parallel to the conductors H02G3/0683with bolts operating in a direction transverse to the conductors H02G3/0691Fixing tubing to casing by auxiliary means co-operating with indentations of the tubing H02G3/08Distribution boxes Connection or junction boxes H02G3/081Bases, casings or covers H02G3/083Inlets H02G3/085including knock-out or tear-out sections H02G3/086Assembled boxes H02G3/088Dustproof, splashproof, drip-proof, waterproof, or flameproof casings or inlets H02G3/10for surface mounting on a wall H02G3/105in association with a plinth, channel, raceway or similar H02G3/12for flush mounting H02G3/121in plain walls H02G3/123in thin walls H02G3/125with supporting bar extending between two separate studs of a wall frame H02G3/126with supporting means for mounting on a single wall stud H02G3/128in plinths, channels, raceways or similar H02G3/14Fastening of cover or lid to box H02G3/16structurally associated with support for line-connecting terminals within the box H02G3/18providing line outlets H02G3/185Floor outlets and access cups H02G3/20Ceiling roses or other lighting sets H02G3/22Arrangements for leading cables or lines through walls, floors, or ceilings H02G3/24Installation of lines or cables on walls, ceilings or floors by means of insulators H02G3/26Installations of cables, lines, or separate protective tubing therefor directly on or in walls, ceilings, or floors H02G3/263Installation H02G3/266Mounting by adhesive material H02G3/28Installations of cables, lines, or separate protective tubing therefor in conduits or ducts pre-established in walls, ceilings or floors H02G3/281in ceilings H02G3/283in floors H02G3/285in modular floors H02G3/286in walls H02G3/288in modular walls H02G3/30Installations of cables or lines on walls, floors or ceilings H02G3/305Mounting by adhesive material H02G3/32using mounting clamps H02G3/34using separate protective tubing H02G3/36Installation of cables or lines in walls, floors or ceilings H02G3/38the cables or lines being installed in preestablished conduits or ducts H02G3/381in ceilings H02G3/383in floors H02G3/385in modular floors H02G3/386in walls H02G3/388in modular walls H02G3/40using separate protective tubing in the conduits or ducts