Insulators or insulating bodies characterised by the insulating materials Selection of materials for their insulating or dielectric properties


  • CPC
  • H01B3/00
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Sub Industries

H01B3/002Inhomogeneous material in general H01B3/004with conductive additives or conductive layers H01B3/006Other inhomogeneous material H01B3/008Other insulating material H01B3/02mainly consisting of inorganic substances H01B3/025Other inorganic material H01B3/04mica H01B3/06asbestos H01B3/065Wires with asbestos H01B3/08quartz glass glass wool slag wool vitreous enamels H01B3/081Wires with vitreous enamels H01B3/082Wires with glass or glass wool H01B3/084Glass or glass wool in binder H01B3/085Particles bound with glass H01B3/087Chemical composition of glass H01B3/088Shaping of glass or deposition of glass H01B3/10Metallic oxides H01B3/105Wires with oxides H01B3/12ceramics H01B3/14cements H01B3/16gases H01B3/18mainly consisting of organic substances H01B3/185Substances or derivates of cellulose H01B3/20Liquids H01B3/22hydrocarbons H01B3/24containing halogen in the molecules H01B3/26asphalts bitumens pitches H01B3/28natural or synthetic rubber H01B3/30plastics resins waxes H01B3/301Macromolecular compounds obtained by reactions forming a linkage containing sulfur with or without nitrogen, oxygen or carbon in the main chain of the macromolecule, not provided for in group H01B3/302 H01B3/302Polyurethanes or polythiourethanes; Polyurea or polythiourea H01B3/303Macromolecular compounds obtained by reactions forming a linkage containing nitrogen with or without oxygen or carbon in the main chain of the macromolecule, not provided for in groups H01B3/38 or H01B3/302 H01B3/305Polyamides or polyesteramides H01B3/306Polyimides or polyesterimides H01B3/307Other macromolecular compounds H01B3/308Wires with resins H01B3/32natural resins H01B3/34Waxes H01B3/36condensation products of phenols with aldehydes or ketones H01B3/38condensation products of aldehydes with amines or amides H01B3/40epoxy resins H01B3/42polyesters polyethers polyacetals H01B3/421Polyesters H01B3/422Linear saturated polyesters derived from dicarboxylic acids and dihydroxy compounds H01B3/423Linear aromatic polyesters H01B3/425Non-saturated polyesters derived from polycarboxylic acids and polyhydroxy compounds, in which at least one of the two components contains aliphatic unsaturation H01B3/426Polycarbonates H01B3/427Polyethers H01B3/428Polyacetals H01B3/44Vinyl resins Acrylic resins H01B3/441from alkenes H01B3/442from aromatic vinyl compounds H01B3/443from vinylhalogenides or other halogenoethylenic compounds H01B3/445from vinylfluorides or other fluoroethylenic compounds H01B3/446from vinylacetals H01B3/447from acrylic compounds H01B3/448from other vinyl compounds H01B3/46silicones H01B3/465Silicone oils H01B3/47fibre-reinforced plastics H01B3/48fibrous materials H01B3/485Other fibrous materials fabric H01B3/50fabric H01B3/52wood paper press board H01B3/54hard paper hard fabrics H01B3/545Hard fabrics H01B3/56gases