Insulators or insulating bodies characterised by their form


  • CPC
  • H01B17/00
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Sub Industries

H01B17/005Insulators structurally associated with built-in electrical equipment H01B17/02Suspension insulators Strain insulators H01B17/04Chains Multiple chains H01B17/06Fastening of insulator to support, to conductor, or to adjoining insulator H01B17/08by cap-and-bolt H01B17/10by intermediate link H01B17/12Special features of strain insulators H01B17/14Supporting insulators H01B17/145Insulators, poles, handles, or the like in electric fences H01B17/16Fastening of insulators to support, to conductor, or to adjoining insulator H01B17/18for very heavy conductors H01B17/20Pin insulators H01B17/22Fastening of conductors to insulator H01B17/24Insulators apertured for fixing by nail, screw, wire, or bar H01B17/26Lead-in insulators Lead-through insulators H01B17/265Fastening of insulators to support H01B17/28Capacitor type H01B17/30Sealing H01B17/301Sealing of insulators to support H01B17/303Sealing of leads to lead-through insulators H01B17/305by embedding in glass or ceramic material H01B17/306by embedding in material other than glass or ceramics H01B17/308by compressing packing material H01B17/32Single insulators consisting of two or more dissimilar insulating bodies H01B17/325comprising a fibre-reinforced insulating core member H01B17/34Insulators containing liquid H01B17/36Insulators having evacuated or gas-filled spaces H01B17/38Fittings H01B17/40Cementless fittings H01B17/42Means for obtaining improved distribution of voltage Protection against arc discharges H01B17/44Structural association of insulators with corona rings H01B17/46Means for providing an external arc-discharge path H01B17/48over chains or other serially-arranged insulators H01B17/50with surfaces specially treated for preserving insulating properties H01B17/52having cleaning devices H01B17/525Self-cleaning H01B17/54having heating or cooling devices H01B17/56Insulating bodies H01B17/58Tubes, sleeves, beads, or bobbins through which the conductor passes H01B17/583Grommets; Bushings H01B17/586with strain relief arrangements H01B17/60Composite insulating bodies H01B17/62Insulating-layers or insulating films on metal bodies H01B17/64with conductive admixtures, inserts, or layers H01B17/66Joining insulating bodies together