Jamming of communication Counter-measures


  • CPC
  • H04K3/00
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Sub Industries

H04K3/20Countermeasures against jamming H04K3/22including jamming detection and monitoring H04K3/222wherein jamming detection includes detecting the absence or impossibility of intelligible communication on at least one channel H04K3/224with countermeasures at transmission and/or reception of the jammed signal H04K3/226Selection of non-jammed channel for communication H04K3/228Elimination in the received signal of jamming or of data corrupted by jamming H04K3/25based on characteristics of target signal or of transmission H04K3/255based on redundancy of transmitted data, transmission path or transmitting source H04K3/28with jamming and anti-jamming mechanisms both included in a same device or system H04K3/40Jamming having variable characteristics H04K3/41characterized by the control of the jamming activation or deactivation time H04K3/415based on motion status or velocity H04K3/42characterized by the control of the jamming frequency or wavelength H04K3/43characterized by the control of the jamming power, signal-to-noise ratio or geographic coverage area H04K3/44characterized by the control of the jamming waveform or modulation type H04K3/45characterized by including monitoring of the target or target signal H04K3/46characterized in that the jamming signal is produced by retransmitting a received signal, after delay or processing H04K3/60Jamming involving special techniques H04K3/62by exposing communication, processing or storing systems to electromagnetic wave radiation H04K3/65using deceptive jamming or spoofing H04K3/68using passive jamming H04K3/80Jamming or countermeasure characterized by its function H04K3/82related to preventing surveillance, interception or detection H04K3/822by detecting the presence of a surveillance, interception or detection H04K3/825by jamming H04K3/827using characteristics of target signal or of transmission H04K3/84related to preventing electromagnetic interference in petrol station, hospital, plane or cinema H04K3/86related to preventing deceptive jamming or unauthorized interrogation or access H04K3/88related to allowing or preventing alarm transmission H04K3/90related to allowing or preventing navigation or positioning H04K3/92related to allowing or preventing remote control H04K3/94related to allowing or preventing testing or assessing