• CPC
  • E05B

Sub Industries

E05B1/00Knobs or handles for wings Knobs, handles or press buttons for locks or latches on wings E05B11/00Devices preventing keys from being removed from the lock; Devices preventing falling or pushing out of keys E05B13/00Devices preventing the key or the handle or both from being used E05B15/00Other details of locks Parts for engagement by bolts of fastening devices E05B17/00Accessories in connection with locks E05B19/00Keys Accessories therefor E05B21/00Locks with lamelliform tumblers which are not set by the insertion of the key and which are not following the movement of the bolt E05B23/00Locks with lamelliform tumblers which are not set by the insertion of the key and which are following the movement of the bolt E05B27/00Cylinder locks and other locks with tumbler pins which are set by pushing the key in E05B29/00Cylinder locks and other locks with plate tumblers which are set by pushing the key in E05B3/00Fastening knobs or handles to lock or latch parts E05B31/00Cylinder locks with both tumbler pins or balls and plate tumblers E05B33/00Cylinder locks in which the bolt is moved by means other than the key E05B35/00Locks for use with special keys or a plurality of keys; keys therefor E05B37/00Permutation or combination locks Puzzle locks E05B39/00Locks giving indication of authorised or unauthorised unlocking E05B41/00Locks with visible indication as to whether the lock is locked or unlocked E05B43/00Time locks E05B45/00Alarms locks E05B47/00Operating or controlling locks or other fastening devices by electric or magnetic means E05B49/00Electric permutation locks Circuits therefor; Mechanical aspects of electronic locks; Mechanical keys therefor E05B5/00Handles completely let into the surface of the wing E05B51/00Operating or controlling locks or other fastening devices by other non-mechanical means E05B53/00Operation or control of locks by mechanical transmissions E05B55/00Locks in which a sliding latch is used also as a locking bolt E05B57/00Locks in which a pivoted latch is used also as locking means E05B59/00Locks with latches separate from the lock-bolts or with a plurality of latches or lock-bolts E05B61/00Other locks with provision for latching E05B63/00Locks or fastenings with special structural characteristics E05B65/00Locks or fastenings for special use E05B67/00Padlocks Details thereof E05B69/00Devices for locking clothing Lockable clothing holders or hangers E05B7/00Handles pivoted about an axis parallel to the wing E05B71/00Locks specially adapted for bicycles, other than padlocks E05B73/00Devices for locking portable objects against unauthorised removal Miscellaneous locking devices E05B75/00Handcuffs Finger cuffs; Leg irons; Handcuff holsters; Means for locking prisoners in automobiles E05B77/00Vehicle locks characterised by special functions or purposes E05B79/00Mounting or connecting vehicle locks or parts thereof E05B81/00Power-actuated vehicle locks E05B83/00Vehicle locks specially adapted for particular types of wing or vehicle E05B85/00Details of vehicle locks not provided for in groups E05B77/00 - E05B83/00 E05B9/00Lock casings or latch-mechanism casings Fastening locks or fasteners or parts thereof to the wing