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  • H01F7/00
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Sub Industries

H01F7/02Permanent magnets [PM] H01F7/0205Magnetic circuits with PM in general H01F7/021Construction of PM H01F7/0215Flexible forms, sheets H01F7/0221Mounting means for PM, supporting, coating, encapsulating PM H01F7/0226PM with variable field strength H01F7/0231Magnetic circuits with PM for power or force generation H01F7/0236Magnetic suspension or levitation H01F7/0242Magnetic drives, magnetic coupling devices H01F7/0247Orientating, locating, transporting arrangements H01F7/0252PM holding devices H01F7/0257Lifting, pick-up magnetic objects H01F7/0263Closures, bags, bands, engagement devices with male and female parts H01F7/0268Magnetic cylinders H01F7/0273Magnetic circuits with PM for magnetic field generation H01F7/0278for generating uniform fields, focusing, deflecting electrically charged particles H01F7/0284using a trimmable or adjustable magnetic circuit H01F7/0289Transducers, loudspeakers, moving coil arrangements H01F7/0294Detection, inspection, magnetic treatment H01F7/04Means for releasing the attractive force H01F7/06Electromagnets Actuators including electromagnets H01F7/064Circuit arrangements for actuating electromagnets H01F7/066Electromagnets with movable winding H01F7/08with armatures H01F7/081Magnetic constructions H01F7/088provided with means for absorbing shocks H01F7/10specially adapted for alternating current H01F7/11reducing or eliminating the effects of eddy currents H01F7/12having anti-chattering arrangements H01F7/1205having short-circuited conductors H01F7/121Guiding or setting position of armatures H01F7/122by permanent magnets H01F7/123by ancillary coil H01F7/124by mechanical latch H01F7/126Supporting or mounting H01F7/127Assembling H01F7/128Encapsulating, encasing or sealing H01F7/129of armatures H01F7/13characterised by pulling-force characteristics H01F7/14Pivoting armatures H01F7/145Rotary electromagnets with variable gap H01F7/16Rectilinearly-movable armatures H01F7/1607Armatures entering the winding H01F7/1615Armatures or stationary parts of magnetic circuit having permanent magnet H01F7/1623Armatures having T-form H01F7/1638Armatures not entering the winding H01F7/1646Armatures or stationary parts of magnetic circuit having permanent magnet H01F7/1653Magnetic circuit having axially spaced pole-pieces H01F7/17Pivoting and rectilinearly-movable armatures H01F7/18Circuit arrangements for obtaining desired operating characteristics H01F7/1805Circuit arrangements for holding the operation of electromagnets or for holding the armature in attracted position with reduced energising current H01F7/1811demagnetising upon switching off, removing residual magnetism H01F7/1816making use of an energy accumulator H01F7/1827by changing number of serially-connected turns or windings H01F7/1833by changing number of parallel-connected turns or windings H01F7/1838by switching-in or -out impedance H01F7/1844Monitoring or fail-safe circuits H01F7/1872Bistable or bidirectional current devices H01F7/1877controlling a plurality of loads H01F7/1883by steepening leading and trailing edges of magnetisation pulse H01F7/20without armatures H01F7/202Electromagnets for high magnetic field strength H01F7/204Circuits for energising or de-energising H01F7/206Electromagnets for lifting, handling or transporting of magnetic pieces or material