Manufacture of articles or shaped materials containing macromolecular substances


  • CPC
  • C08J5/00
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Sub Industries

C08J5/005Reinforced macromolecular compounds with nanosized materials C08J5/02Direct processing of dispersions C08J5/04Reinforcing macromolecular compounds with loose or coherent fibrous material C08J5/041with metal fibres C08J5/042with carbon fibres C08J5/043with glass fibres C08J5/044with other inorganic fibres C08J5/045with vegetable or animal fibrous material C08J5/046with synthetic macromolecular fibrous material C08J5/047with mixed fibrous material C08J5/048Macromolecular compound to be reinforced also in fibrous form C08J5/06using pretreated fibrous materials C08J5/08glass fibres C08J5/10characterised by the additives used in the polymer mixture C08J5/12Bonding of a preformed macromolecular material to the same or other solid material such as metal, glass, leather C08J5/121by heating C08J5/122using low molecular chemically inert solvents, swelling or softening agents C08J5/124using adhesives based on a macromolecular component C08J5/125Adhesives in organic diluents C08J5/127Aqueous adhesives C08J5/128Adhesives without diluent C08J5/18Manufacture of films or sheets C08J5/20Manufacture of shaped of ion-exchange resins Use of macromolecular compounds as anion B01J41/14 or cation B01J39/20 exchangers C08J5/22Films, membranes, or diaphragms C08J5/2206based on organic and/or inorganic macromolecular compounds C08J5/2212Natural macromolecular compounds C08J5/2218Synthetic macromolecular compounds C08J5/2225containing fluorine C08J5/2231based on macromolecular compounds obtained by reactions involving unsaturated carbon-to-carbon bonds C08J5/2237containing fluorine C08J5/2243obtained by introduction of active groups capable of ion-exchange into compounds of the type C08J5/2231 C08J5/225containing fluorine C08J5/2256based on macromolecular compounds obtained by reactions other than those involving carbon-to-carbon bonds C08J5/2262containing fluorine C08J5/2268based on macromolecular compounds obtained by reactions involving unsaturated carbon-to-carbon bonds, and by reactions not involving this type of bond C08J5/2275Heterogeneous membranes C08J5/2281fluorine containing heterogeneous membranes C08J5/2287After-treatment C08J5/2293After-treatment of fluorine-containing membranes C08J5/24Impregnating materials with prepolymers which can be polymerised in situ