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Sub Industries

C03B1/00Preparing the batches C03B11/00Pressing molten glass or performed glass reheated to equivalent low viscosity without blowing C03B13/00Rolling molten glass C03B15/00Drawing glass upwardly from the melt C03B17/00Forming molten glass by flowing-out, pushing-out, extruding or drawing downwardly or laterally from forming slits or by overflowing over lips C03B18/00Shaping glass in contact with the surface of a liquid C03B19/00Other methods of shaping glass C03B20/00Processes specially adapted for the production of quartz or fused silica articles, not otherwise provided for C03B21/00Severing glass sheets, tubes or rods while still plastic C03B2201/00Type of glass produced C03B2203/00Fibre product details C03B2205/00Fibre drawing or extruding details C03B2207/00Glass deposition burners C03B2211/00Heating processes for glass melting in glass melting furnaces C03B2215/00Press-moulding glass C03B2225/00Transporting hot glass sheets during their manufacture C03B23/00Re-forming shaped glass C03B25/00Annealing glass products C03B27/00Tempering or quenching glass products C03B29/00Reheating glass products for softening or fusing their surfaces Fire-polishing Fusing of margins C03B3/00Charging the melting furnaces C03B31/00Manufacture of rippled or crackled glass C03B32/00Thermal after-treatment of glass products not provided for in groups C03B19/00 , C03B25/00 - C03B31/00 or C03B37/00 C03B33/00Severing cooled glass C03B35/00Transporting of glass products during their manufacture C03B37/00Manufacture or treatment of flakes, fibres, or filaments from softened glass, minerals, or slags C03B40/00Preventing adhesion between glass and glass or between glass and the means used to shape it, hold it or support it C03B5/00Melting in furnaces Furnaces so far as specially adapted for glass manufacture C03B7/00Distributors for the molten glass Means for taking-off charges of molten glass Producing the gob C03B9/00Blowing glass Production of hollow glass articles